spit in

spit in (something)

1. To expel saliva or phlegm from one's mouth into something. This medication makes my mouth water uncontrollably, so I have to keep spitting in a cup. The man spat in my eye as I walked past.
2. To eject or expel an object from one's mouth into something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "spit" and "in." If you're going to spit your gum in one of the coffee cups, please don't just leave it there for someone else to clean up! He kept chewing sunflower seeds and spitting their shells in a plastic cup during the lecture.
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spit something in (to) something

 and spit something in
to expel something from the mouth into something. He spit his gum into the toilet. He opened the toilet and spit in his gum.
See also: spit
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References in classic literature ?
I understand how annoying it is, but in your place, Rodya, I would laugh at them, or better still, spit in their ugly faces, and spit a dozen times in all directions.
Ward (right) appeared to spit in the direction of Thomas Young before stepping on the prone Welsh flanker's ankle in the 11th minute of the 20-13 Gallagher Premiership victory over Wasps.
An amendment to the ordinance passed in 2011 also required betel nut chewers to spit in containers.
When in Hong Kong I was in receipt of spit in my face expelled from a passing bus.
There's been many a time I've been walking behind someone who decides to spit in the street, and I've had to make quick manoeuvres to avoid either treading on it or it being blown downwind and hitting me.
The prisoners eat in the same bucket they take the garbage in, and the guards often spit in the food, as a means of having fun.
And if possible put cameras....like radar ...these paan chewing people never understand how people feel when they spit in public (sic)."
Pictures showed Fellaini leaning over Aguero and shouting - and appearing to spit in his direction - after the Man City striker went down under a challenge from him.
The neighbor, who has not yet been identified, told police that when he entered Bieber's property, the musician threatened him and spit in his face.
One solution being put forward is to get nut sellers to provide plastic cups or bags to spit in, an idea which is supported in favour of an outright ban.
The cobras also aim their spit in the direction they think their enemy is heading.
"I did not spit in his face, but as usual I was clearing my throat and did not aim anything his way.
''That is to say, we will require law enforcement teams to step up the frequency of fines so fewer people spit in the street.''
Medical researchers and caregivers have long assumed that people would more gladly spit in a cup for medical tests than submit their arms for needlesticks.
Back in 1996 Alomar not only spit in Hirschbeck's face but also accused him of being too "bitter" about the death of the umpire's 8-year-old son from ALD, a rare degenerative nerve disease.