spit at

spit at (someone or something)

1. Literally, to propel saliva from one's mouth in the direction of someone or something. Someone in the crowd spat at the policeman as he tried to calm them down. We sat on the overpass, spitting at the cars driving underneath.
2. To treat someone or something with scorn, contempt, or disregard. I trusted you with my secrets, then you spit at me by going up on the witness stand to testify against me! I always feel like I need to go out and give 100% of my effort and energy whenever I perform on stage. Anything less, and it feels like I'm spitting at all the devoted fans who came to see me.
See also: spit

spit at someone or something

to expectorate on someone or something or in the direction of someone or something. The angry crowd cursed and spit at the prisoner as he was being taken back to jail. Max actually spit at the police station door as he was dragged in.
See also: spit
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Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher has hit the headlines for appearing to spit at a Manchester United fan following Liverpool's defeat at Old Trafford.
I was at the game and let me tell you something, Jonny Evans did not spit at the player - the other player (Cisse) thought he had spat at him and he spat at Jonny Evans.
But Evans, who has until 6pm today to respond to the accusation, said: "I would like to make it clear I did not spit at Papiss Cisse.
Manchester United defender Evans yesterday issued a statement pleading his innocence and insisted he did not spit at Cisse.
The glob forms when the faster water toward the end of the stream catches up with the slower spit at the leading edge.
She kicked one of the officers in the leg, refused to calm down and tried to bite and spit at them, forcing them to put limb restraints on her.
BUS drivers have been handed mini DNA kits to help bring louts who spit at them to justice.
And Coun Kath Hartley, vice chairman of Centro, added: "Although spitting is rare we remain determined to tackle it and our message to would be offenders is simple - spit at drivers or passengers and you will be caught, DNA doesn't lie.
Bus drivers in the West Midlands have been provided with mini DNA kits to assist police in tracking people that spit at the drivers or fellow passengers.
Frustrated festive shoppers who spit at shop assistants and taxi drivers could be charged with assault, police have warned.
Bob Carolgees with Spit at his Cheshire candle shop in 2002 Picture: CLIFF BRETT
A TRAIN company is arming its staff with DNA testing kits to clamp down on passengers who spit at them.
LORD MCINTOSH OF HARINGEY: My Lords, the laws of football--Law 12, Paragraph 18--make it an offense for players to spit at opponents and officials.
For the Government, Lord McIntosh said the rules of football made it an offence for a players to spit at opponents and officials.
Visitors were requested to spit at a silver plate, hung on the wall, that was kept frosted by a refrigeration device.