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She added: "We are still waiting for a genuine assessment of the health risks spit hoods pose and an analysis of the alternatives.
The guards will also only be issued after officers have completed training on their safe fitting to a person who has already spat or threatened to spit.
Instead, Sagar opined, they must be made to clean the spit, which will serve as a punitive measure and help change their thinking.
Their first commercial success on the C64, Saliva Kid, could be seen as an ancestor of Spit 'N' Run.
My journey to the end of that particular spit ended before I reached the end.
I did not spit at my mother or father and there was no physical contact," she added.
One solution being put forward is to get nut sellers to provide plastic cups or bags to spit in, an idea which is supported in favour of an outright ban.
Drivers and passengers should not be expected to tolerate it on our bus routes and these spit kit devices allow us to obtain irrefutable DNA evidence which helps us track offenders and secure convictions at court.
A sort of traveling writers' cabaret, Sister Spit has become an underground cultural institution that brings an ever-changing roster of queer and trans writers--from Eileen Myles and Dorothy Allison to Cristy Road and Ariel Schrag--to universities, art galleries, community centers, theaters, and other venues around the globe.
RACE ROW: John Terry has been accused of verbally abusing Anton Ferninand, a claim he rigorously denies SPIT SPAT: Wolves players confront referee Lee Probert after Wigan's Antolin Alcaraz (centre) appeared to have spat at an opponent
It also needs to be understood our people spit for no reason
The cobras also aim their spit in the direction they think their enemy is heading.
After chewing qat many men spit it out on the streets or the pavement.
It seems railway officers are spat upon so often they have a kit specially designed to get rid of the spit when it happens," said David Mainstone, prosecuting.