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"The police have a duty of care to protect the public and the use of spit guards does not just protect officers but also protects members of the public.
True to his nature of making offhand comments, he added: 'If the woman kisses me, I'll get her spit and say, 'I'll return your spit to you and add my own because you're beautiful.''
When Durham Constabulary looked into introducing the use of spit guards last year, human rights campaigners criticised the move.
"We have received a complaint from a Dalit man who said that he was made to spit and lick his own spit during a panchayat meeting as his son had married a Muslim woman.
A year after the 'freedom of spit' was curtailed in Lagawe in 2007, the same happed in Bontoc, Mountain Province's capital town, and in nearby Sabangan town.
I fail to see whose lives were in danger at this incident except, perhaps that of the girl if the spit had landed on her.
Martha Spurrier, director of civil liberties group Liberty, said: "There is a clear link between spit hoods and deaths in custody, and using them on children should be unthinkable.
The guards don't stop the first spit but they do prevent other officers from being further assaulted in this way and offer innocent bystanders protection."
Having examined the issue, I am reassured medically-approved spit guards are much safer than improvised alternatives that potentially put the detainee in danger.
WEST Midlands Police are planning to roll out controversial spit and bite guards to 4,500 of its front line officers.
Yes, because it causes diseases and makes the city look dirty, especially those who spit after chewing betel nut and gutka.
Swimming With the Spit: 100 Years of the Spit Amateur Swimming Club
Dubai - People spitting paan (betel leaf) in Dubai should not be just fined, but also made to clean up their spit, many Dubai residents have said while welcoming the emirate's move to issue stiffer penalties for cleanliness violations.