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be (one's) spiritual home

To be an ideal place or setting for one to live happily. If you hate the cold weather, then I doubt that the mountains will ever be your spiritual home.
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be somebody’s ˌspiritual ˈhome

be a place where somebody could be happy, because they like the people, customs, culture, etc. there: I’ve always thought that Australia was his spiritual home.
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It is found that a clear vision provides direction and motivation and organizational culture based on values of trust loyalty integrity care and concern creates a sense of spiritual wellbeing in employees.
Spiritual Leadership: fulfilling wholeself needs at work.
Sawatsky and Pesut (2005) defined spiritual care as an intuitive, inter-personal, altruistic and integral expression of the patient's reality which is dependent on the nurse's awareness of life's transcendental aspect (Sawatsky and Pesut 2005).
Spiritual care has been found to be effective in developing coping strategies for patients in times of crisis, in them being at peace with themselves and in creating a positive view of life (Kociszewski 2003; Baldacchino and Draper 2001).
Spiritual distress, the "impaired ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a person's connectedness with self, others, art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself" (Wilkinson, 2005, p.
Spiritual care by nurses can help alleviate a patient's spiritual distress.
Spiritual direction doesn't mean preaching or catechetical instruction.
Many individuals seeking counseling services want to integrate their spiritual or religious worldview into their mental health treatment (Aten & Hernandez, 2004; Worthington & Sandage, 2001).
Editor Peter Madsen Gubi collected the essays in this book for therapists and spiritual counselors to help them work with others on spiritual matters.
King believes that the spiritual intelligence is subjected to the ability and capacity of a person exclusively to understand the life going towards the higher spiritual situations [1].
Spiritual support has been shown to positively affect the quality of life of patients with cancer as they near death.
What makes a spiritual friend different from a "regular" one?
Remember that Joint Commission requires that nurses provide a spiritual assessment of every patient (JCAHO, 2004); however, patient's are reporting that their spiritual needs are not being adequately addressed by healthcare providers (Grant, 2004; Ross, 2006).
According to recent data, more than 60 percent of New Zealanders reported spirituality to be "rather" or "very important" in their lives (1) and nearly 60 percent reported being connected to a religious or spiritual tradition.