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be (one's) spiritual home

To be an ideal place or setting for one to live happily. If you hate the cold weather, then I doubt that the mountains will ever be your spiritual home.
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spiritual hunger

The desire or need to feel spiritual fulfillment in one's life. The CEO's spiritual hunger led her to begin volunteering in her spare time. Now, she's resigned from her job in order to focus solely on her humanitarian work.
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be somebody’s ˌspiritual ˈhome

be a place where somebody could be happy, because they like the people, customs, culture, etc. there: I’ve always thought that Australia was his spiritual home.
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* "Two things are important for spiritual evolution: the first thing is to be an independent researcher, and the second is to search without prejudice.
* "The journey of spiritual evolution is not related to beliefs but to wisdom.
Her ashram (spiritual center) is also a working organic farm.
Cultivating Spiritual Maturity casts unrelenting light on the necessity for input from a trustworthy mentor, teacher or guru.
Devoted to beginning a program for spiritual growth, this chapter provides pragmatic advice for finding the sustenance of spiritual practice in a world where many are disenchanted with, or disenfranchised from, religion.
Designed to speak to contemporary, secular spiritual seekers, the book sometimes seems more interested in proving that Judaism upholds universal ideals than it is in explicating the mysticism and spirituality inherent in the tradition itself, and the tradition is watered down as a result.
The study showed that activity in the parietal cortex -- an area of the brain involved in awareness of self and others as well as attention processing -- seems to be a common element among individuals who have experienced a variety of spiritual experiences.
"Spiritual experiences are robust states that may have profound impact on people's lives," said Marc Potenza, Professor at Yale University in Connecticut, US.
The World Health Organization health definition not only focuses on disease but also includes spiritual health to maximize mental and social wellness.
"I certainly had spiritual direction during most of my religious life, and it has been positive," said St.
Many behaviors and approaches of the managers and staffs have been affected from the spiritual intelligence efficiently.
People now days are struggling to understand that what their work means in their spiritual journey [21].
Characteristics of the holistic approach described in the ROSC report pertaining to spirituality include: (1) a "responsiveness to personal belief systems" and (2) a "person-centered" approach that provides choices in the area of spiritual supports that are (3) "anchored in the community."
Spiritual care has been found to be effective in developing coping strategies for patients in times of crisis, in them being at peace with themselves and in creating a positive view of life (Kociszewski 2003; Baldacchino and Draper 2001).
Spiritual distress, the "impaired ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a person's connectedness with self, others, art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself" (Wilkinson, 2005, p.