spirit off

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spirit someone or something off (to some place)

to hurry someone or something away, presumably unnoticed, to another place. Aunt Jane spirited the children off to bed at half-past eight. She spirited off the leftover roast beef.
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If team spirit off the pitch is anything to go by, gelling together on it shouldn't be a problem as Swansea begin their quest for a second promotion in a row.
Spirit off the shoulder silver satin cami (pounds 30), silver sequin skirt (pounds 60)
From his birth, the Wind has been with him, teasing his golden hair and taking his spirit off to fly among the meadows and chimney pots of Branion.
All-Star quarterbacks Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles and Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks are known as "Campbell's Chunky" soup "Hungry Boys" for their determination and drive on the field and their "big-hearted" spirit off the field.
He made it instantly obvious how much he liked my aggressive style on the pitch, although he misinterpreted how far I was prepared to extend my fighting spirit off it.
Graydon's first quest was to create a real team spirit off the pitch.
Jura Distillery assistant manager Willie Cochrane said yesterday that, without a vehicle ferry to move waste products and spirit off the island, it was impossible to continue production.
Even in training sessions, there is a good atmosphere as everyone works hard and works together and team spirit off the field ends up working its magic on the pitch.