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4, neutron spin manipulation for the measurement of the T-odd term is shown.
Spin torque offers a way to circumvent flaws of conventional MRAM designs, in which currents in pairs of crisscrossing wires generate magnetic fields to flip bits.
3]He spin filter functions by the absorption of one spin state while passing the other state, so no deflection or divergence is introduced into the beam.
gamma]] with respect to the neutron spin direction to be deduced as a function of incident neutron energy from the angular distribution: [[d[omega]]/[d[OMEGA]]] = [1/4[eth]] (1 + [A.
To detect the spin of a single electron, Rugar and several colleagues prepared a piece of quartz with a smattering of so-called dangling bonds.
PNC] is the parity non-conserving neutron spin rotation, [rho] and l are the density and length of the target material, respectively [2].
To see whether the predicted bias shows up in actual coin tosses, the team made movies of tossed coins and then calculated the axes of spin.
To navigate the vast content at their disposal, people spin their mouse's scroll wheel approximately 26 feet in an eight-hour day.
The quarks, in essence, spin like tops, as do the neutrons and protons themselves.
Here the Neel temperature for the Cu plane spins is plotted versus hydrostatic pressure.
To achieve pure spin flow, van Driel and his colleagues simultaneously trained pulses from two lasers--one at twice the frequency of the other--onto a semiconductor.
NYSE:A) today announced that the European Physical Society (EPS) has awarded the 2005 Agilent Europhysics Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Condensed Matter Physics to three scientists for their investigations of magnetic semiconductors and spin coherence in the solid state, which has paved the way for the emergence of spin electronics, or "spintronics.
Instead of manipulating electrons' spins with microscale magnetic fields, which tend to be weak and sluggish, researchers in California and Pennsylvania have devised a simpler, electric means of controlling the spins.
and SPINS today announced the expansion of SPINSscan Conventional, the most comprehensive information service tracking sales of natural and organic products across grocery, drug, and mass merchandise retail outlets.