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Yes, your airplane was spin-tested during certification, but only to determine it recovered from a one-turn spin in not more than an additional turn or three seconds, whichever takes longer.
While conventional technology relies on harnessing the charge of electrons, the field of spintronics depends instead on the manipulation of electrons' spin.
Scientists have long wondered whether superfluidity in a fermionic fluid could persist in the face of a spin imbalance, when there are more fermions with one spin than with the other.
The T-odd term is an angular correlation between the neutron spin ([s.
Spin Sisters examines how women in the liberal media attempt to victimize women of America by creating the feeling of, and then preying on, hectic schedules, stress levels, and health issues.
Press strikes his most serious tone indicting the vicious spin of religionists: Falwell on AIDS, Robertson on gays.
SPINS was founded in 1995 as the first company to offer Natural Products sales data to the industry.
even required that all airplanes be recoverable from normal, six-turn spins with the power off and the controls neutralized.
Electron spins can exert rotational forces, or torques, on each other, much as arm wrestlers create torques as they push against each other.
Key words: cold neutrons; electroweak interactions; neutron interferometer; polarized neutrons; spin filters; ultracold neutrons.
We are excited to launch this long-term partnership with SPINS, whereby we will gain valuable access and insight into the performance of our stores, the natural channel and its dynamic consumers," commented Robynn Shrader, NCGA's CEO.
3]He spin filter and captured in a liquid para-hydrogen target.
Whenever the cantilever was moved over the quartz, the spins of individual electrons influenced the magnet, and the cantilever changed vibration frequency slightly.
Players can choose to be part of a particular wheel spin or wait to try their luck on the wheel on their own.
2], depending on the relative alignment of the proton spins: the spin 1 ortho-hydrogen and the spin 0 parahydrogen configurations.