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The classic spin demonstration begins with a stall, either power-on or-off.
"The spin-Hall effect helps generate 'spin currents' which enable spin information transfer without the flow of electric charge currents," Kurebayashi added.
A spin-based qubit makes use of the fact that electrons and atomic nuclei rotate around their own axes - they have a spin. They can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise (equivalent to 1 and 0), and in both directions simultaneously (a mix of 1 and 0) - something that is completely unthinkable in the traditional, "classical" world.
"The environment is typically destructive for the spins," says Fabian, who authored an accompanying commentary in the same issue of Nature.
The numerical value of the R-coefficient represents the transverse component of the electron polarization which is contained in the plane perpendicular to the neutron spin axis.
One evening we got in an argument about whether or not I could even spin one.
of Utah, Salt Lake City, have built the first organic spin valves that integrate organic semiconductor electronics with spintronics.
A few weeks later Madonna flew Young to New York to spin at the premiere party for The Next Best Thing.
You might be able to do spin training in your own airplane.
The team combined a model of Earth's interior with a precise map of the planet's geomagnetic field to produce a map of the magnitude and direction of electron spins throughout Earth.
The amplitude of a radio-frequency field and the length of the coil can be chosen in such a manner that spins of the neutrons having the energy of a p-wave resonance [E.sub.0] = 0.734 eV flip on [[pi]/2], and they are guided in x-y plane perpendicular to an external magnetic field.
In order to create enhanced spin currents, the researchers used the collective motion of spins called spin waves (the wave property of spins).
Hulet of Rice University in Houston recently explored polarization in condensates by using radio waves to flip the spins of varying portions of the condensates' atoms.