spin out of

spin out of control

1. To spin or move around wildly or without the capacity of being controlled. After the second engine went dead, the plane started spinning out of control as it plummeted to the ground. She cranked the mechanical bull up to its maximum speed, and it started to spin out of control.
2. To continue getting worse, more erratic, or more unmanageable. With no job and a pile of debt, it just felt like my life was spinning out of control. You're the project manager—it's your job to make sure this project doesn't spin out of control.
See also: control, of, out, spin

spin something out of something

 and spin something out
to remove liquid from something by spinning. The washer spun the water out of the load of clothing. The washer spun out all the water in the clothes.
See also: of, out, spin