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1i) was manufactured under the same gelation conditions, with a spin draw ratio 2.0, as compared to the typical spin draw ratio applied in this study of 3.0 to 3.2.
Many pilots get into a spin by stalling while in a slipping or skidding turn.
Leslie Grinnell, president of Eddie's Wheels, recalls, "Spin came to us when she was the size of a fox terrier: about 20 pounds." They fit her into a recycled cart, and within minutes, "she flew a good couple of hundred yards," says Deb.
Starting, or initiating, the spin-based qubits then requires all the atomic nuclei to spin in the same direction, either 'up' or 'down' (clockwise or counterclockwise).
The suspension announcement comes just two days after a third of Spin's editorial staff was laid off -- 11 employees in all -- including editor in chief Steve Kandell and managing editor Catherine Davis.
The black hole accomplishes this feat largely through its unparalleled efficiency in releasing energy from the gas it accretes, and the black hole's spin is a key cog in that engine.
The associate countries, training at the Global Cricket Academy for the World Cup, are now busy sharpening their skills to play spin. The biggest fear that has engulfed all nations playing in the World Cup is whether they will be able to tackle the top spinners on the spin-friendly wickets in the sub-continent.
The wild spins of electrons in a semiconductor can be tamed by guiding their collective motions into a synchronized helix, new research shows.
Our knowledge on [lambda] comes from the [beta]-asymmetry coefficient A, the correlation between neutron spin and the electron momentum, and with less precision from the coefficient a, the correlation between neutrino and electron momenta.
In her hard-hitting book, Spin Sisters, she places a much-needed list of names to the "liberal media" label.
One evening we got in an argument about whether or not I could even spin one.
Because the spin state of the electron is stored magnetically, MRAM does not require a constant charge of electricity to maintain the polarity of each rail.