spill (one's) guts

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spill (one's) guts

1. slang To speak truthfully and share everything one knows about something, especially a sensitive issue or a wrong one has committed. OK, spill your guts—I want to hear whatever you kids are plotting back there. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to just spill my guts like that. I hope I didn't overwhelm you.
2. slang To vomit violently and extensively. I've been spilling my guts all morning, so, no, I don't think I'll be in to work today.
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spill one's guts

Sl. to tell all; to confess. I had to spill my guts about the broken window. I didn't want you to take the blame. Mary spilled her guts about the window. She confessed that she was trying to shield Bob.
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spill your guts

If someone spills their guts, they talk a lot about subjects that are private or secret. People call in and just spill their guts about whatever's bothering them in their job or relationship. Note: Your guts are your intestines or internal organs. The idea is of dramatically revealing something hidden.
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spill your guts

reveal copious information to someone in an uninhibited way. informal
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spill your ˈguts (to somebody)

(American English, informal) tell somebody everything you know or feel about something, because you are upset: I know you’re upset about what I did, but did you have to spill your guts to my parents?
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spill one’s guts

See also: gut, spill
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Throughout the afternoon, individuals will be encouraged to speak their mind and, no less, spill their guts, at the Soapbox Testimonial Station.
ALAN Kirby insists St Patrick's Athletic will spill their guts in pursuit of the Uefa Cup group stages tomorrow evening.
I would rather have players with less natural ability who I know will spill their guts week in, week out for Newcastle United than what I saw out there.
While many installations spill their guts, physically or otherwise, an explication of the work's internal structure is patently not part of Klima's stated project.
Stuart has plenty of experience getting people who don't want to talk to spill their guts, and he's happy to share his tips for getting information.
You worked in the equivalent of a psychiatrist's office where people spill their guts over a beer, and this is all you learned?
These are dedicated guys who don't spill their guts right away.
When comets spill their guts, these frozen relics from the birth of the solar system reveal their origin and their composition.
PERHAPS it's her nursing background that makes people so very eager to spill their guts to Carrie.
In a country where celebrities routinely spill their guts to the media in order to get that big all-American hug of approval (in return for debasing themselves), Kennedy Onassis kept to herself.
A US official said: "We have control of him but these are dedicated guys who don't spill their guts.
They don't really believe that American men are superior to British men, they just don't understand why British men don't feel the need to spill their guts every time they hit a minor emotional obstacle.