spill into

spill (out) into something

 and spill (over) into something
to be so great in number or volume as to expand into another area. The crowd spilled out into the street. The well-wishers spilled over into the neighbor's yard.
See also: spill
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11 million penalty against Thousand Oaks for the 86 million gallon sewage spill into the Arroyo Conejo in February.
I believe the addition of this new content and functionality have enabled us to transition Spill into what we believe is a content-rich and highly sticky social networking platform.
In Sherman Oaks, ``slope failure'' along a 60-foot-long section of hillside closed a stretch of Mulholland Drive on Wednesday morning, but didn't spill into the street, said inspector David Keim of the Department of Building and Safety.
Rockwell Science Center officials said Thursday that human and mechanical error combined to cause a toxic spill into Conejo Creek on Christmas night.
State and local agencies should learn the results of Rockwell Science Center's investigation into a toxic spill into Conejo Creek today.