spill blood

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spill (somebody’s) ˈblood

(formal or literary) kill or wound people: Nothing can justify spilling innocent blood.
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A focus on continual improvement and a willingness to spill blood for the jersey was at the core of All Black cultureJames Kerr
Will Arkham City be an open-air prison like he says or an open-air battle ground that will eventually spill blood on the streets of Gotham?
COACH: Paul Thompson Blaze launch their Elite League season with a double-header against Fife Flyers in two weeks' time and Thompson says his team will be ready to spill blood to bring a fourth league title in six years to the Skydome.
We're guessing both idiots were too young to realize that when you spill blood in the water, it attracts sharks.
When I'm on the top of my game it's very hard to beat me, because you really have to kind of spill blood if you want to win the match," Jankovic mused afterwards.
But the thugs must be left in no doubt that the streets belong to decent, law-abiding people - not gangs ready to spill blood.
I ask because the whole movie represents a notion that, no matter how advanced and peaceful a society may imagine itself, if weapons give its members confidence, they will inevitably spill blood with them.
McALPINE Stadium chief Ralph Rimmer is ready to spill blood, sweat and tears in an effort to raise cash for seriously injured rugby league player Danny Scott.
The Arab-Israeli conflict has continued to spill blood on both sides.
It may be a stakeholder in the economy, but business does not vote and business does not spill blood on the battlefield.