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barking spider

slang That which is (humorously) said to be the cause of a fart. Come on, man, control the barking spider, will you? It smells horrible in here now.
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see pink spiders

To hallucinate or see things incorrectly due to acute alcohol intoxication or withdrawal. My dad said that he saw pink spiders for a while after he gave up drinking. You're going to start seeing pink spiders if you don't stop drinking so much.
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seeing pink elephants

 and seeing pink spiders; Seeing snakes
intoxicated; recovering from a drinking bout; having the delirium tremens. When I got to the point of seeing pink elephants, I knew that something had to be done. The old one who's shakinghe's probably seeing snakes.
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barking spider

and trumpet spider
n. the imaginary source of the sound of an audible release of intestinal gas. (With reference to the image of a anus.) Heidi, do you know anything about the trumpet spider I keep hearing? Although Dr. Waddlington-Stowe had never heard “barking spider” with reference to the affected part, he caught the connection immediately.
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trumpet spider

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pink elephants

and pink spiders
1. n. the delirium tremens. He was shaking something awful from the pink spiders.
2. n. hallucinatory creatures seen during the delirium tremens. (see also seeing pink elephants.) He said pink elephants were trying to kill him. He’s really drunk.
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pink spiders

See also: pink, spider

seeing pink elephants

and seeing pink spiders and seeing snakes
tv. alcohol intoxicated; recovering from a drinking bout; having the delirium tremens. When I got to the point of seeing pink elephants, I knew that something had to be done. He’s screaming something about seeing pink spiders, and he wants a drink.
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seeing pink spiders

See also: pink, seeing, spider
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After graduation, Dupo decided to set aside her spider research to focus on moths and other arthropods.
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The 39-year-old decorator spent weeks in hospital and reportedly faced the possibility of having his leg amputated after he was attacked by the potentially deadly false widow spider when he disturbed her nest while working a southern school.
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Our 600 native species are harmless to humans, but several foreign spiders have been found, including the Brazilian Wandering Spider, or banana spider, so called because it has been discovered in bunches of bananas.
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