spew out

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spew something out

to have something gush forth. The faucet spewed a little yellowish water out and stopped altogether. The faucet spewed out some yellowish water.
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Io's volcanoes spew out huge amounts of sulfur dioxide, which become ionized and form a doughnut-shaped ring around Jupiter.
For instance, when massive stars in the expanding ring of the Cartwheel or one of its sister galaxies explode as supernovas, they spew out countless high-speed electrons.
By measuring electrical changes at the cells' surfaces, he determined that secretory cells spew out their products after inner-membrane vesicles bubble to the surface and fuse with the cells' outer membranes.
The Juan de Fuca ridge has hydrothermal vents that spew out jets of mineral-laden, 350 [degrees] C water in a fairly continuous stream.
Yet Cann and Strens favor a second theory, which they say better explains how vents could spew out a megaplume and then return to normal.
In the United States, motor vehicles and fossil-fueled power plants and industrial furnaces spew out most of the nitrogen oxides.