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This was the first time that I entertained a thought of breeding up some tame creatures, that I might have food when my powder and shot was all spent.
Great heats, and no breeze, so that there was no stirring abroad, except in the evening, for food; this time I spent in putting all my things in order within doors.
I had a small runlet or two, as I observed before; but I could never arrive at the capacity of making one by them, though I spent many weeks about it; I could neither put in the heads, or join the staves so true to one another as to make them hold water; so I gave that also over.
All this while I sat upon the ground very much terrified and dejected; when on a sudden it came into my thoughts, that these winds and rain being the consequences of the earthquake, the earthquake itself was spent and over, and I might venture into my cave again.
With these thoughts, I resolved to remove my tent from the place where it stood, which was just under the hanging precipice of the hill; and which, if it should be shaken again, would certainly fall upon my tent; and I spent the two next days, being the 19th and
The present study linked family help and time spent on homework to homework attitudes and homework management strategies reported by 238 students in grades 7-8.
She also notes that while the total number of earmarks in 2006 is lower than in 2005, the total dollar amount spent via earmarks has risen.
Ten school districts in Los Angeles County, including Los Angeles Unified, spent more than they took in during the last fiscal year, according to the Controller's Annual Financial Report of California K-12 Schools.
After conducting a thorough distribution of effort (DoE) evaluation, an analysis that establishes how personnel across the company actually spent their time, it was determined that the potential risks associated with cutting EHS expenses were too high.
This year, the official "budget document" is an upbeat, chatty volume that does not identify how much money will be spent for programs.
By analyzing your spent materials and researching a potential beneficial reuse site, you may avoid pitfalls that could turn disposal cost savings into cleanup nightmares.
It should be obvious that scenario 2 costs the company far less -- in dollar outlays and cumulative time spent on the transaction.
Comerica estimates that for every dollar spent out of the profit- sharing checks, an additional 54 cents in spending will be generated, totalling $415 million in spin-off spending.
5) Weaknesses identified in the study centered on the curriculum, expectations about the level of knowledge that should be acquired, the time spent by American students on schoolwork as compared with the time spent by children in other countries, and the relative attractiveness of the teaching profession.