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spend like a sailor (on (shore) leave)

To spend excessively, extravagantly, or wastefully. Now don't go spending like a sailor on shore leave just because you got a bit of a tax refund from the government. The local council has been spending like sailors on this new tram project, while other existing public transport goes into disrepair. Every time my husband's paycheck comes through, he goes out to the pubs and spends like a sailor on leave!
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spend money like water

To spend money excessively or wastefully. For years he was an absolute penny-pincher. Now that he's got a steady job, he spends money like water.
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spend a packet

To spend a very large amount of money, especially all at the same time. We spent a packet securing our partnership with the Chinese manufacturers. I hear Sarah is spending a packet to have her novel self-published.
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spend the night

1. To sleep in another person's house as their guest. My son is spending the night at his friend's house tonight. It's getting late, so why don't you both spend the night in our spare room?
2. By extension, to spend the night in someone's bed, with the implication of having sex with them. Are you sure you're ready for him to spend the night? You've only been going out for a couple weeks. Even when I was in my mid-20s, my parents still didn't allow my girlfriend to spend the night with me.
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a spent force

A person, group, or effort that is no longer as powerful, influential, or effective as it once was. There are those who think our great country is a spent force on the global stage, but this is of course utter nonsense. Despite the advances of the government, the rebel group is far from being a spent force in the region.
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spend money like water

If someone spends money like water, they regularly spend a lot of money. So she liked a drink, loved her horses and spent money like water. So what?
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a ˌspent ˈforce

a person or group that no longer has any power or influence: The new album is proof that this band is not a spent force just yet.
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The present study used the same methodology to relate family help and time spent on homework to homework attitudes and management strategies studied previously.
The nearly $1 million is much more than the $283,037 spent on lobbying by Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer, during the same time.
John Edwards stayed in the system and spent at almost the same rate as John McCain had in 2000.
In 2001, the Veterans Health Administration spent $21.
Beneficial reuse of spent foundry materials typically is a win-win situation.
This money would be better spent on what he calls "inconspicuous consumption," that is, on things we enjoy in themselves.
For example, MRO invoices at an ITT division account for 59% of its manufacturing units' invoice volume but less than 5% of the total dollars spent on purchased goods; and 81% of its MRO invoices are less than $1,000, accounting for only 3.
Similarly, funds continued to be collected from coal taxes to finance the reclamation of abandoned mined lands, but those funds were, for the most part, retained in the Treasury to offset the deficit rather than being spent on land reclamation.
The top 10 companies in the Japanese telecommunications industry in terms of estimated IT spending spent the largest portion of their IT budgets on hardware, a segment that accounted for about 28% of the IT budgets among these firms.
However, no data were available from these studies about whether the use of homework management strategies was associated with time spent on doing homework.
Los Angeles is a member of the League of California Cities, which spent $2.
In those cases, it behooves both the CIO and the CFO to make sure that every dollar spent has a return behind it that leads the company to improve its services.
The experiences of foundries shipping spent sand as raw material illustrate the practical considerations of external reuse.
In 1970 federal, state, and local governments spent $12.
Table 13: Consumer survey: the percentage of consumers who reported that they spent more time on their personal appearance in 2004 than 2003, by country, age and gender