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the last of the big spenders

An ironic expression used when one is making a small or frugal purchase. Did you just order toast and a water? Wow, the last of the big spenders!
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big-time spender

Someone who spends money freely and in great amounts, especially on nonessential things or events. There are a certain few big-time spenders who always come through the casino, so we try to make sure they have the best experience possible.
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big-time spender

n. someone who spends a lot of money. A big-time spender doesn’t look at the prices on the menu.
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Top ICT spenders in the UK Energy Sector; Estimated ICT budget breakdowns in 2015
The wondrous thing continues to be nearness to the bemused, but certainly collected Spender, barraged by ceiling glare, looking at no one and nothing in particular, swiveling without turning, the old friend of, and often collaborator with, many other Oscar Williams standbys--Auden, MacNeice, C.
Results from previous research findings reveal definite characteristics that distinguish high spenders from other spending segments in the market.
His focus is to examine the extent to which the exercise of influence in the federal budgetary process is shifting from a simple bilateral relationship between departmental spenders (the Department of Finance) and central guardians (the Treasury Board Secretariat) to a more complex relationship among spenders, guardians, priority setters (the Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council Office), and financial watchdogs (the Office of the Auditor General) governed by new norms of behavior.
So, if you are a saver married to a spender (or vice versa), what specifically can you do to ensure that the two of you stay together for the long haul, and that when you reach your golden years you are not still bickering in a cardboard box?
Many spenders are unaware they are spending beyond their means, observes Margaret Jones, chief executive officer of WCMI, a Minneapolis money management firm.
Sutherland tells us that the Spenders spent every Christmas with the Rothschilds and if travelling north, of course, one stayed with the Devonshires.
Yet the big spenders in City Hall look like cheapskates compared to their counterparts in Sacramento.
Did you know that specialty food consumers are big spenders and much of it is spent in the perimeter sections?
Like Bill Clinton crusading to undo Reaganomics partly through a revisionist history of "the last 12 years," California's big spenders are hoping to use the current crisis to undo Prop.
industrial R&D spenders are forecast to increase their research spending by an average of 7.
On average Brits will spend PS90 on grooming and PS42 on an outfit for a first date and people in the Midlands are the biggest spenders On average Brits will spend PS90 on grooming and PS42 on an outfit for a first date and people in the Midlands are the biggest spenders
But despite the outlay being more than PS200,000 up on the previous season, Boro were just the 11th highest spenders on agents in the Championship from October 1 2014 to September 30 this year.
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