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big spender

Someone who spends money freely and in great amounts, especially on nonessential things or events. Can also be used sarcastically to refer to someone who is reluctant to spend money, or who offers to spend only a small amount. There are a certain few big spenders who always come through the casino, so we try to make sure they have the best experience possible. You're only willing to pay for my soda? Wow, you're a real big spender.
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big-time spender

n. someone who spends a lot of money. A big-time spender doesn’t look at the prices on the menu.
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Egyptians and Kazakhstanis are among the other top 10 tourist spenders in this sector.
Ticket sales may be increased by identifying high spenders by means of market segmentation, since they account for a large percentage of overall sales.
Kuwait is the second top spender, but posted a modest decline of four per cent in 2010, versus a 71 per cent surge in 2009.
His focus is to examine the extent to which the exercise of influence in the federal budgetary process is shifting from a simple bilateral relationship between departmental spenders (the Department of Finance) and central guardians (the Treasury Board Secretariat) to a more complex relationship among spenders, guardians, priority setters (the Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council Office), and financial watchdogs (the Office of the Auditor General) governed by new norms of behavior.
This figure is around pounds 10 higher than the next biggest spenders in Cardiff and Edinburgh and nearly double the 10th placed spenders in Norwich who cough up pounds 88.
uk research has highlighted five types of British spenders - Frivolous, Bargain, Occasional, Credit and Random.
So, if you are a saver married to a spender (or vice versa), what specifically can you do to ensure that the two of you stay together for the long haul, and that when you reach your golden years you are not still bickering in a cardboard box?
Yet Cyril Connolly's memorable comment on the existence of two Spenders comes to mind--one an inspired simpleton and the other, shrewd and ruthless, and creates doubt.
Four insurers placed in the top 100 of AdAge's 2004 Megabrands Special Report that lists 2003's top advertising spenders.
Visitors from Japan and South Korea are the lowest spenders in Hong Kong, with their spending shrinking markedly in the first nine months of this year over last year, Hong Kong Tourism Board statistics showed Tuesday.
If both are spenders, a careful evaluation of spending habits should be noted and corrections made, because such habits could quickly bankrupt or break up a marriage.
Did you know that specialty food consumers are big spenders and much of it is spent in the perimeter sections?
This compares with lowest spenders in Lancashire who buy 87p of chocolate and 40p worth of sweets, and the highest spenders in the South who fork out 94p on chocolate and 45p on sweets.
Like Bill Clinton crusading to undo Reaganomics partly through a revisionist history of "the last 12 years," California's big spenders are hoping to use the current crisis to undo Prop.
Sourcebook of R & D Spenders 2012" report to their offering.