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big spender

Someone who spends money freely and in great amounts, especially on nonessential things or events. Can also be used sarcastically to refer to someone who is reluctant to spend money, or who offers to spend only a small amount. There are a certain few big spenders who always come through the casino, so we try to make sure they have the best experience possible. You're only willing to pay for my soda? Wow, you're a real big spender.
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big-time spender

n. someone who spends a lot of money. A big-time spender doesn’t look at the prices on the menu.
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Among the top 10 spenders - British (nine per cent), Saudis (19 per cent) and Qataris (74 per cent) stemmed the tide with a healthy positive growth in Q3 2015 vs.
50 in Clubcard vouchers and Bronze Spender yo ad you'll get your Diggerland admission token.
Bronze Spender Educational National Showcaves Location: Swansea showcaves.
Silver Spender Fun Blackpool Circus Location: Blackpool, Lancashire, North West theblackpooltower.
Clerk of the course Kirkland Tellwright yesterday described the going as heavy on the chase course, conditions that appeared to find out Hey Big Spender last winter.
Jimmy came to Spender on the back of the huge success of the brilliant Auf Wiedersehen, Pet where he starred as the hard-drinking, loudmouthed, battling Geordie bricklayer, Oz.
Mr Spender, 56, who lives in Salisbury, said: "One of the things I've been really keen to do is raise his profile as a Second World War poet.
In a letter to his brother written four days before his death charging German positions, Spender wrote: "This place is absolute hell.
Letters included in the sale, along with the manuscripts of his last nine poems, show Spender kept his spirits up during the war.
Middlesbrough was the biggest spender in the country at pounds 15.
According to Tables 6 and 7, there are significant differences between the mean values of the low, medium, high-medium, and high spender groups regarding the visitors' age category; occupation (excluding medium-income occupations, i.
Kuwait is the second top spender, but posted a modest decline of four per cent in 2010, versus a 71 per cent surge in 2009.
Melbourne, Dec 10 (ANI): Russell Crowe might soon finalize a deal to buy the family home of former Australian ambassador to France John Spender and his ex-wife Carla Zampatti.
Spender (BBC1 1990-1993) THE 1990s was a hugely creative time for granite-faced Geordie Jimmy Nail.
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