spend the night with somebody/together

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spend the night

1. To sleep in another person's house as their guest. My son is spending the night at his friend's house tonight. It's getting late, so why don't you both spend the night in our spare room?
2. By extension, to spend the night in someone's bed, with the implication of having sex with them. Are you sure you're ready for him to spend the night? You've only been going out for a couple weeks. Even when I was in my mid-20s, my parents still didn't allow my girlfriend to spend the night with me.
See also: night, spend

spend the ˈnight with somebody/together

stay with somebody for a night and have sex with them: James told me Kim and Robin spent the night together.
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The band, formed more than 50 years ago, opened with Street Fighting Man followed by Let's Spend the Night Together. "It's great to be back at Soldier Field - for the eighth time," Jagger said before launching into the third song, Tumbling Dice.
"And, you know, it's easy to get all superior and disapproving about this stuff - but it wasn't so long ago that the Rolling Stones were only allowed to perform on the USA's Ed Sullivan Show if they changed Let's Spend the Night Together to Let's Spend Some Time Together."
1967: The Musicians' Union banned the Rolling Stones's Let's Spend The Night Together from Eamonn Andrews's television show.
They spend the night together and after three months, Wanida discovers that she's pregnant.
The pair spend the night together but bumbling Bob leaves his jacket at Laurel's, prompting young Arthur to bring it to Brenda, who realises she is being made a fool off.
New entries included Engelbert Humperdinck with Release Me, The Royal Guardsmen with Snoopy Versus The Red Baron, and The Rolling Stones with Let's Spend The Night Together.
He introduces her to his family and all goes well - until she suggests they spend the night together while her dad is out of town.
Then he would meet the men and spend the night together."
Elsewhere, Todd's peeved when a loved-up Eileen and Adrian spend the night together and he decides Jeff needs another outing.
Lucy and Danny spend the night together, and as it's V-Day, there's a card mix-up with Shabnam and Fatboy.
1967: The Musicians' Union banned the Rolling Stones' Let's Spend The Night Together from Eamonn Andrews' television show.
Toward the end of the holiday relatives gather in one place and spend the night together.
United Front finds the dynamic duo of Latin funk and all things alternative unleashing a handful of original scores and a couple of covers, including the Rolling Stones classic Let's Spend The Night Together and La Lupe's Soul Salsa, all bearing the unique sound and flavor of Spellbound.
With his fiancee worse for wear, Warren gives in to temptation and he and Mandy spend the night together.
Laverne and Brenner spend the night together and Pratt takes Betina back to her apartment, where they are greeted by a crowd of people.