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At her 56,550-square-foot, 123-room Holmby Hills estate, mom Candy Spelling -- estranged from her daughter even before Aaron's death at age 83 -- has to be more outraged than ever.
But spelling bee films also touch a national nerve about the inferiority of American schools, students, and study habits, and remind us of the intense personal labor and attention required for real teaching.
As well as providing tuition to chief executives and senior managers, she runs one-to-one and group training sessions for companies that want to support their staff with spelling.
Particularly in these days of standards-based education and No Child Left Behind mandates, inaccuracies in spelling can add further parental discomfort and concern.
As new spelling words propel the plot forward, the show stops periodically for a song that gets us inside a speller's head.
I went in a chat room to check out the spelling they were using and spent half the time asking people what things meant so I very much felt like and outsider.
The event, which is open to 11 to 14-year-olds, will kick off with head teachers across the country organising their own spelling competitions.
You'll be a free spirit, as free from proper spelling as you were when you were a child.
For many writers, this is the hardest part of spelling.
The only place where the "reality" of spelling and grammatical errors can be considered acceptable is a newsletter format which includes submissions by campers.
However, Melissa's writing became more elaborate as she began to personalize her reactions to literature and to experiment with invented spelling.
At least P&G nailed canister, which is more than can be said for editors at The New Yorker, who twice admitted the doubled -n spelling (pp.
Moreover, those with the keenest eyes for spotting changes in the motion of dots across a computer screen exhibited the best spelling skills.
This study reports the results of two experiments which focused on the use of spelling strategies by students with learning disabilities and the relative effectiveness of two different approaches for teaching spelling.
Parents tend to frown if they see their child's incorrect spelling attempts in writing unchecked.