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spell trouble

To foreshadow future problems. I'm worried that these dark clouds spell trouble for our day on the golf course. Police know very well that large crowds can spell trouble.
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spell (something) out

To make something more comprehensible; to lay out the details of something to make it clear to understand. Sorry, but could you spell out your exact plan for us? It doesn't really seem to make sense. Mandy and I are going to get dinner and then a movie. It's a date—do I have to spell it out for you?
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spell trouble

to signify future trouble; to mean trouble. This letter that came today spells trouble. The sky looks angry and dark. That spells trouble.
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What is less well understood is how knowledge of morphology can assist children to decode words in meaningful ways and even reason about the spelling of words on the basis of this knowledge.
Explicit teaching of phonology, orthography and morphology is known to support spelling development (Garcia et al.
The tabloid reports about their rocky relationship are said to be untrue and Spelling explained that the series was meant to reveal the truth behind the rumours.
Oregon teachers scoring state writing tests look for good organization, strong ideas and content, a clear voice, proper word choice, fluid sentences and correct use of conventions (of which spelling is one part, along with punctuation, capitalization and grammar).
From this most recent survey we can conclude that the unprecedented reach and scale of the internet has given rise to new social practices and it is now an agent in spelling change," Jack Bovill, chair of the English Spelling Society, added.
Then, around the middle of the 16th century, English writers began advocating for spelling reform.
The first article, by Carreker, Joshi, and Boulware-Gooden, describes the findings of two studies on spelling training and its influence on instruction by participating preservice and inservice teachers.
Gavin lost the spelling bee because he misspelled a word, they ruled.
One of the things that I really like about this book is that it can be used class-wide by the teacher to focus on a particular area of spelling, or it can be used individually by students as independent learners--tick that Ofsted box--to manage their own spelling and focus upon their own particular spelling needs.
Hicks said school systems are doing their best to encourage proper spelling.
The teaching of spelling is something that often attracts frustrated reactions from teachers.
Can you spell "shortcut to Scripps spelling stardom"?
The book has more than word lists; it's full of techniques and tactics to improve your chances of spelling victory in almost any spelling bee, not to mention the big Scripps bee in May every year.
Teacher Christine Maxwell presents Berlitz Spell It Right Dictionary, a one-of-a-kind reference especially for students, English-language learners and others who have extreme difficulty in spelling words--and as a result, find it hard to look up the words' proper spellings in an ordinary dictionary.
With news helicopters hovering above and a phalanx of TV cameras and paparazzi camped outside, Tori Spelling -- 33, and six months pregnant with her first child -- opened the doors to her $4,000-a-month rental house to anyone willing to surrender their cell phone and camera at the door for a chance to buy anything from used Sephora lip gloss and nail polish to vintage Louis Vuitton luggage.