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For instance, a child in the phonetic stage of spelling development should not be expected to spell irregularly spelled words (such as through or could) correctly.
If you could see the words coming out of my mouth, you would find that they're all misspelled, but they sound the same as if they were correctly spelled.
build upon children's growing understandings of how words are spelled (Cunningham & Cunningham, 1992; Henderson, 1985; Nelson, 1989; Templeton, 1991)
Each orthographic pattern that was spelled with less than 60% accuracy was flagged as a potential instructional target.
The student may have used phonics when the word parts are not spelled phonetically.
When children asked the teacher how to spell specific words, the teacher initially asked how the children thought the words were spelled.
Close examination reveals neatly written, correctly spelled, positive student statements about each child.
The performance of the typically achieving students in the visual-dictation condition was compared with that of four groups of typically achieving spelling peers who followed one of four training procedures: (a) read each word aloud (reading); (b) copied each word into a notebook (copying); (c) read each word aloud, after which the teacher covered the word, presented the target and a nontarget grapheme and asked the child to circle the correct grapheme (grapheme selection); and (d) read each word aloud and spelled each letter of the word from memory (oral spelling).
Words to master in spelling are either spelled correctly or Incorrectly.
If both students miss a word, it is spelled out for them letter by letter.
She correctly spelled ``arabesque'' in the seventh and final round, but misspelled ``roseate'' which Yu then correctly spelled.
Oknaian, the Daily News' entry, correctly spelled ``catenary'' (the curve taken up by a chain or flexible cable hanging freely) in the first round before taking on 25 brain-teasers in a second-round written test.
Upeygan'' was no match for Mariam, 14, as she spelled out the synonym for black rhinoceros and moved into today's second round of the 74th competition at Washington's Grand Hyatt Hotel.
The word that decided the winners, spelled by 17- year-old Lauren Girard of Santa Susana, was pertinacious - fitting, it seemed, for the group of students who would not give up.
Hakopian is a philologist, said her daughter, who automatically spelled the term for one who studies literary texts and linguistics.