spell for

spell (something) for (someone or something)

1. Literally, to write or recite the letters in a word or name to help someone learn or understand it. I usually have to spell my name out for people because it's so unusual. I'm not sure I've heard that term before. Could you spell it for me?
2. To indicate, contribute to, or display signs of some outcome or status for a person, group, organization, country, etc. The sudden shortage of precious metals necessary to manufacture the computer chips spelled disaster for the fledgling tech company. The government is hoping that a massive reinvestment in the city's infrastructure will spell success for its economy.
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spell something for someone

to spell a word or name for someone's benefit. I don't recognize that word. Would you please spell it for me? It is a difficult name. I will have to spell it for you.
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Dr saulat will come out with exception solution to cast effective love spell for creating attraction between two lovers, to get back lost lover spells, make strengthen love relationship, cast love spell for gay, lesbian, anti love, same sex spells and each other situation which affect with love.
SPELL 2 from Yvonne McDowall, of Whitebride Court, Newcastle Make Briar Rose's sleeping spell, With crystal drops from a wishing well, Add fairy glitter and a twinkling star, And shimmering moondust from afar, Mermaid scales from the sparkling sea, Flutter of a butterfly, buzz of a bee, Glistening gold and firebird feather, Mix this spell for Merryweather!
Like every other public school teacher, I am held in thrall by the State Standards, which decree that all students shall learn to spell for themselves.
Its title is "Spell for Taking the Road in Rosetau." The standard LP Memphite version for Spell 117 is the deceased holding a road-sign and walking away from a shrine with open door that represents his tomb.
Despite writing this column for longer than my hair has lasted, I have managed to keep an embarrassing personal problem secret: I can't spell for toffee.
The first two columns in Table 6 tabulate eligibility in consecutive months following the end of an AFDC participation spell for those spells where data are observed in the month after the spell closes (non-right-censored spells).