speed away

speed away (from someone or something)

to move or drive away very fast from someone or something. The taxi sped away from the passenger who had just alighted. The car sped away from the accident. The motorcycle sped away.
See also: away, speed
References in classic literature ?
Old John, immensely flattered by the personal notoriety implied in this familiar form of address, answered, with something like a knowing look, 'I should believe you could, sir,' and was turning over in his mind various forms of eulogium, with the view of selecting one appropriate to the qualities of his best bed, when his ideas were put to flight by Mr Chester giving Barnaby the letter, and bidding him make all speed away.
He saw the girl fling a grimace at the angry, roaring, maneater beneath her, and then, laughing, speed away into the forest.
Tony could always outdistance her easily, but never had she known him speed away so quickly as now, and she was sure he hurried that he might have more time to hide.
His tug was turning at full speed away under the other bank.
When the police patrols tried to pull the offending drivers over, they tried to speed away, but failed.
Summary: BNP leader Nick Griffin was forced to speed away from his own press conference after protesters pelted him with eggs.
Not only do they encourage vehicles to break sharply outside our homes, but also to accelerate at speed away from them.
He saw a vehicle that had been parked in a lot speed away, and he included its description in his report to sheriff's deputies.
Fuel boss Mr Dunne said: "The lady came to pay, and I saw the car speed away.
The arrests yesterday were in connection with the theft of a scooter used by two men to speed away from the shop in Arnold, Nottingham, on September 30.
The robber - who was caught on CCTV - tried to speed away and drove on to a main road as PC Wright hung from the open driver's door.
The Italian scientists, led by Anedio Ranfagni of the Italian National Research Council in Florence, devised their experiment so that reflected microwaves in open air overlap and interfere as the waves speed away from the mirror.
It has taken less then 30 minutes for Paul McCartney's DRIVING USA concert tickets to speed away from box offices across the country.
The 48-year-old Palmdale resident, shot in the leg, was able to speed away from the robbers, but crashed into the Winco supermarket's west wall, authorities said.
As the clusters speed away from Earth, their spectral emissions shift toward the infrared region of the spectrum; the amount of shift indicates the speed of movement away.