I'm speechless

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I'm speechless.

Fig. I am so surprised that I cannot think of anything to say. Mary: Fred and I eloped last week. Sally: I'm speechless. Tom: The mayor just died! Jane: What? I'm speechless!
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At last a score or more, mostly men, remained where they were, speechless, staring, excited.
After Grim Grimshaw - nickname Oso (one series only) - had firmly established his indecision was final, Cheryl Limited-Vocabulini told exotic Seann Miley Moore: "Seriously, I'm actually speechless.
She is then speechless when her boyfriend also gets down on bended knee and proposes.
There's not many times in my career that I've THE OPPO been speechless but I'm speechless with what I've seen," Derry fumed.
Wilfried Zaha has admitted his move at Manchester United has left him speechless with excitement as the winger takes off for the club's pre-season tour.
WALSALL'S British lightweight champion Martin Gethin says he was speechless when he heard of his chance of a dream world title shot.
Coach Jones said: "I'm speechless at what happened.
Summary: Warwick Davis has said he was left speechless by a superfan who had a surprising tattoo.
The release of the survey coincides with National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month and the availability of Speechless, a Harlequin TEEN novel that examines the impact of words and the devastating consequences that result from gossiping.
SUSAN Boyle has told how she was left speechless after being invited backstage by Sir Elton John.
He said: "Although I knew what to expect in terms of ice loss from satellite imagery, I was still completely unprepared for the gob-smacking scale of the break-up, which rendered me speechless.
Chasing 300 in the second innings was a hell of an effort from the guys and I think we're all pretty speechless.
The organization's executive director, Mary Heafy, said when she heard ARC would be receiving a $600,000 donation, she was speechless.
We were speechless when the first two were born," the Sun quoted phone banking assistant Dairsley, 26, of Salford, Greater Manchester, as saying.
SPEECHLESS at The Traverse, Edinburgh A WORLD premiere for the Edinburgh Festival, Speechless is inspired by the best-selling book The Silent Twins by Marjorie Wallace, and tells the story of identical twins June and Jennifer Gibbons, who concoct elaborate roleplaying games in their bedroom but refuse to speak to anyone else.