speculate about (someone or something)

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speculate about (someone or something)

To conjecture, hypothesize, or make guesses about someone or something without having supporting or conclusive evidence. We've all been speculating about the mysterious man who moved into the house two doors down. It's certain to be a gamble, but until we try it, all we can do is speculate about how the product will do on the market.
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speculate about someone or something

to make guesses about someone or something; to hypothesize about someone or something. I refuse to speculate about Sally. I don't presume to guess what she will do. We don't speculate about the future.
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speculate in something

to make risky business deals in the buying and selling of something. Jeff made a fortune speculating in cotton. I do not wish to speculate in anything. It is too risky.
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speculate on something

to make a hypothesis about something. I really don't want to speculate on what might happen next. Would you care to speculate on what might happen if you quit your job?
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Summary: Singh is urging people to stop speculating about Khan's health, who is currently seeking treatment for a neuroendocrine tumour
He has urged people to stop speculating about his health.
KANGNA Ranaut plans to take legal action against a TV channel for speculating about her links with David Headley.
In an interview with The Birmingham Post, Dr Reid criticised colleagues who have been speculating about who will replace the Prime Minister.
In "Waiting for Godot," a play by Samuel Beckett, two characters spend the entire play speculating about when another character, Godot, will arrive.
He added: "To start speculating about anything else would not be helpful.
A brief section speculating about the music for the masque might also have been in order, if only to follow Peter Walls in warning against placing too much (if any) stock in surviving dance tunes with titles like "The Lord Hays his Masque," "The Lo rd Hayes his first Masque," and "Essex Anticke Masque" (in British Library, Add.
Besides speculating about Eunice's loss of the English language, this conjecture also makes Eunice's life-long desire to remain with the Indians quite understandable.
At about the same time as Rosenberg began speculating about an immunologic role for cell-membrane DNA, the first evidence for such a role emerged in the lab of Edward S.