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speculate about (someone or something)

To conjecture, hypothesize, or make guesses about someone or something without having supporting or conclusive evidence. We've all been speculating about the mysterious man who moved into the house two doors down. It's certain to be a gamble, but until we try it, all we can do is speculate about how the product will do on the market.
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speculate in (something)

To buy or sell some asset, such as commodities, securities, property, etc., at a risk while hoping to gain a profit from short-term market fluctuations. My uncle made, then promptly lost, a fortune speculating in oil wells in the 1980s. You'd be a fool to speculate in dairy in today's market.
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speculate on (something)

To conjecture, hypothesize, or make guesses about something without having supporting or conclusive evidence. You can't just speculate on what effect this legislation will have on the country—you've got to have some concrete data to show it will work! Instead of spending your energy speculating on the future, you should focus on the present and do what makes you happy.
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speculate about someone or something

to make guesses about someone or something; to hypothesize about someone or something. I refuse to speculate about Sally. I don't presume to guess what she will do. We don't speculate about the future.
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speculate in something

to make risky business deals in the buying and selling of something. Jeff made a fortune speculating in cotton. I do not wish to speculate in anything. It is too risky.
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speculate on something

to make a hypothesis about something. I really don't want to speculate on what might happen next. Would you care to speculate on what might happen if you quit your job?
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References in classic literature ?
As I stood speculating upon our chances once we settled into the frightful Maelstrom beneath us and at the same time mentally computing the hours which must elapse before aid could reach us, the wireless operator clambered up the ladder to the bridge, and, disheveled and breathless, stood before me at salute.
Perhaps statesmen, at a particular period of existence, are not much gratified at thinking over the most triumphant divisions; and the success or the pleasure of yesterday becomes of very small account when a certain (albeit uncertain) morrow is in view, about which all of us must some day or other be speculating.
Speculating can also mean investing in a blue chip stock that is about to announce a joint venture with a global company, or profitable second-liner that is emerging to become a dominant industry player in few years.
JENNY Reid (Feedback, May 3) must be speculating that the Prince of Wales' lobbying letters are about benefits to OAPs.
United is speculating to go ahead with the transfers as it would be a while before they sign a new manager for the club, at least three months, because the Dutch boss, who is speculated to be the likely candidate to fill in Moyes' shoes, will be available after the World Cup this summer.
Campaigners say bankers speculating on staples such as wheat and soy drove up prices and have pushed millions into food poverty.
Easy to understand: Binary options are easy to understand since speculating is restricted to directional movement.
In an interview with The Birmingham Post, Dr Reid criticised colleagues who have been speculating about who will replace the Prime Minister.
Continued Dobson, "The media have already begun speculating that Sen.