speculate about

speculate about someone or something

to make guesses about someone or something; to hypothesize about someone or something. I refuse to speculate about Sally. I don't presume to guess what she will do. We don't speculate about the future.
See also: speculate
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Byline: Joe Calzaghe has refused to speculate about rumours he is dating his Strictly Come Dancing partner.
Summary: Joe Calzaghe has refused to speculate about rumours he is dating his Strictly Come Dancing partner.
But I'm not going to speculate about one particular company and their decisions that have not yet been made.
Misteli says that it's too early to speculate about a treatment for human aging.
And that is why I will not take part in games about trying to speculate about this and that, thereby undermining the Prime Minister.
Given the available data, we can't really speculate about possible interactions," says Brown, "nor do we know what underlying mechanisms might cause interactions between risk factors.
We can only speculate about the extent of the division in the house of bishops.
I don't think guns should be handed out on a gun permit merely because someone speculates about danger or they speculate about the harm that may come to them because they may own a certain kind of property or transport a certain kind of property,'' he said.
Wegman is not afraid to speculate about mysterious causes that may lie behind - and the equally mysterious meaning that may lie within - the neutral notes on the page.
What Yale Realty Services does is not unique, Paprin said, but real estate is a hedge guess against inflation and one can only speculate about the success of a shopping center's potential.
During the past year, at various gatherings celebrating the centennial of the 1891 law that created the national forests, I was asked to speculate about the future of these public lands.
One plaintiff's expert was allowed to speculate about what the Surgeon General or members of Congress might have done 40 years ago given various hypothetical situations.
Lakers officials would not speculate about how long Van Exel would be out if he chose the surgery.
Moreover, he adds, "It's intriguing to speculate about how the comet formed.