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specialize in (something)

To have specific training, education, proficiency, or experience in one particular subject, topic, field, etc. My bachelor's degree was in English literature overall, but I specialized in Victorian literature for my master's degree. Our company specializes in building networking strategies for small businesses.
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specialize in something

to limit oneself to or be specially trained to practice one particular thing. I specialize in tropical medicine. What do you specialize in?
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Our team of 20 search consultants specializes in the following practice areas: financial services, technology, consumer, professional services, and life sciences.
Pacifica Consultants specializes in strategic team building and is able to access the best possible talent to make operations successful in Japan.
Nardi specializes in real estate and mortgage-backed securities law.
Specializes in hot-runner molds for thin-wail packaging, medical products, closures, in-mold labeling, stack molds, unscrewing molds, and molds with hydraulic core centering.
Specializes in molds for pipe fittings of PP, PE, ABS, and PVC.
Specializes in design and building of optical-quality lens molds as well as insulated hot-runner and three-plate molds.
Specializes in close-tolerance molds for high-volume production.
Specializes in tooling for packaging and interior automotive parts.
Specializes in injection molds weighing up to 2 tons.
Specializes in small to medium-size prototype and production molds of all types including manifold, hot-runner, three-plate, stripper-plate, and two-shot configurations.
Specializes in multimold projects requiring complex cam actions, unscrewing, and interchangeable components for packaging, electronics, medical and industrial markets.
Specializes in family molds to medium cavitation standard and valve-gated hot-runner tools with and without side action and unscrewing cores.
Specializes in larger molds for appliances, housewares and automotive.
Produces a wide range of molds, from very small up to 15-ton blocks, and specializes in larger molds for appliance, houseware and automotive applications.