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specialize in (something)

To have specific training, education, proficiency, or experience in one particular subject, topic, field, etc. My bachelor's degree was in English literature overall, but I specialized in Victorian literature for my master's degree. Our company specializes in building networking strategies for small businesses.
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specialize in something

to limit oneself to or be specially trained to practice one particular thing. I specialize in tropical medicine. What do you specialize in?
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Specializes in injection molds for closures, pharmaceuticals (tamper-evident and child-resistant), personal-care products, and cosmetics.
Specializes in molds for pipe fittings of PP, PE, ABS, and PVC.
Specializes in design and building of optical-quality lens molds as well as insulated hot-runner and three-plate molds.
Specializes in tooling for packaging and interior automotive parts.
CMI-Schneible specializes in air pollution control components such as: multiwash collections, cupola emission control equipment, velocitrap dust separators, uni-flo hoods, pressure vessels and entrainment separators.
Specializes in medium to large molds for injection, compression, structural foam, extrusion blow molds, and other processes.
Founded in 1989, the firm specializes in placing executives in engineering, sales, marketing and management positions.
The label of nursing home is going to make it harder for institutions to get the level of reimbursement they need to provide the level of care those patients require." George Molloy -- President of M&M Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in teaching marketing strategies to nursing homes.
Specializes in molds for closure and medical industries.
The second type of community program specializes in providing care to the severely mentally ill and medically ill elderly.
Founded in 1989, the firm specializes in engineering, sales, marketing and management positions.
Founded in 1986, the firm specializes in placing professional and management executives in accounting, finance, engineering, human resources, sales and marketing and data processing with a salary range of $30,000 to $70,000.
Admitted to the partnership: Jude Coard, CPA, who specializes in developing strategies to reduce and defer taxes for both businesses and individuals.
Utilizing Pro-engineer, CNC EDM, Wire EDM and CNC milling, specializes in engineering through mold sampling on multimold packages , tight tolerances, short deliveries, and duplicate molds.
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