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spear carrier

1. An actor with a minor part in a production. I know you're disappointed to just be a spear carrier in the play, but if you do well in this role, maybe you'll get a bigger one next year.
2. By extension, a subordinate, especially one who has an unimportant role in some group or thing. Adam's just a spear carrier, we can make this decision without him. Have one of those spear carriers get me a cup of coffee!
See also: carrier, spear

spear something out (of something)

to bring something forth from something by sticking it with something sharp and pulling. Richard spears pickles right out of the jar with a fork. He speared out a pickle.
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take the spear (in one's chest)

Sl. to accept full blame for something; to accept the full brunt of the punishment for something. The CFO got the short straw and had to take the spear in his chest. I sure didn't want to take the spear.
See also: spear, take

take the spear (in one’s chest)

tv. to accept full blame for something; to accept the full brunt of the punishment for something. The admiral got the short straw and had to take the spear in his chest.
See also: chest, spear, take

take the spear

See also: spear, take
References in classic literature ?
Spear was free, and from different parts of the courtroom people were moving toward the door.
He begrudged to Isaacs & Sons the credit of having given Spear his liberty.
From the friends of Spear there was a ripple of applause, which no tipstaff took it upon himself to suppress, and to the accompaniment of this, Mr.
Spear tried to stop sobbing long enough to tell him how happy she was, and how grateful, he instead told her what a fine son she had, and that he remembered when Spear used to carry flowers to town for her.
I was wondering," said Andrews, "how much it cost you to keep Spear out of jail?
In order to remove the sorting process from the machine, the spears have to be easily transferred to the existing packing shed operation from the machine.
Gladstone also went ahead describing how Jamie Spears visited the mother of two at a Los Angeles hospital in 2007- who went through a lot of depression after her divorce from former husband from Kevin Federline- and found her strapped to a gurney and yelling.
Spears delivers the banal, brain-numbing chorus, "Gimme more, gimme more/Gimme more, gimme more/I just want more.
Spears, who just put her Beverly Hills mansion on the market after owning it for a mere two months, apparently agrees.
The stunt is unlikely to hurt Spears or her former hunka-husband.
Spears, who turned 21 last month, was flaunting her inner grown-up, turning to the makeover queen of fashion for a quick fix.
Regarding the charts, Spears observed, "The newsletter uses quantitative illustrations, which lends credibility and authority to stories like the one on page 3 [above] that asserts that Index funds outperform over the long run.
A modern impressionist oil painter, Spears realized his talents at the age of ten, and later studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.
Shea argues that both ancient Homo sapiens and Neandertals living in the Middle East killed wild horses and goats with stone-tipped spears (SN: 8/1/98, p.