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spear carrier

1. An actor with a minor part in a production. I know you're disappointed to just be a spear carrier in the play, but if you do well in this role, maybe you'll get a bigger one next year.
2. By extension, a subordinate, especially one who has an unimportant role in some group or thing. Adam's just a spear carrier, we can make this decision without him. Have one of those spear carriers get me a cup of coffee!
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spear out

1. To pierce through and emerge out of someone or something like a spear. The sharpened stake drove into the poor animal's belly and speared out its back. The fighter jet came spearing out of the clouds with incredible speed.
2. To pierce something with something long and sharp and pluck it out (of something else). In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "spear" and "out." I sharpened a long stick and speared the fish out of the pool of water. She used a shish kebab skewer to spear out the last olive from the jar.
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spear something out (of something)

to bring something forth from something by sticking it with something sharp and pulling. Richard spears pickles right out of the jar with a fork. He speared out a pickle.
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take the spear (in one's chest)

Sl. to accept full blame for something; to accept the full brunt of the punishment for something. The CFO got the short straw and had to take the spear in his chest. I sure didn't want to take the spear.
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take the spear (in one’s chest)

tv. to accept full blame for something; to accept the full brunt of the punishment for something. The admiral got the short straw and had to take the spear in his chest.
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take the spear

See also: spear, take
References in classic literature ?
Spear tried to stop sobbing long enough to tell him how happy she was, and how grateful, he instead told her what a fine son she had, and that he remembered when Spear used to carry flowers to town for her.
I was wondering," said Andrews, "how much it cost you to keep Spear out of jail?
These all bit the dust, and as the others drew back into a corner Ulysses and his men rushed forward and regained their spears by drawing them from the bodies of the dead.
Numabo and his warriors, realizing now the relatively small numbers of the apes against them, had made a determined stand and with spears and other weapons were endeavoring to overcome the invaders.
Till now they have been warring upon the plain, mad with lust of battle, but now they have left off fighting, and are leaning upon their shields, sitting still with their spears planted beside them.
Gladstone also went ahead describing how Jamie Spears visited the mother of two at a Los Angeles hospital in 2007- who went through a lot of depression after her divorce from former husband from Kevin Federline- and found her strapped to a gurney and yelling.
The Malkins and Helmsley Spear were locked in a years-long lawsuit launched by the Malkins to try and oust Helmsley Spear as the managing agent of a number of properties, including the Empire State Building.
Alternating by chapters with the foregoing, there also is a third story of Henderson, a British army officer who had lost an eye but gained a very special spear, an African assegai, in the course of dealing with assorted renegades and the like in the "Dark Continent", during the days of Empire.
As a Neandertal thrust the spear into the ancient creature's neck, both the point's tip and its base broke off, the researchers assert.
Spear begins part 1 with a consideration of Malvasia's biases and his own, and continues with chapters on Reni's character; his compulsive gambling; fear of witches; "atypical sexuality" (11); and his repeated depiction of martyrs, above all the female suicides Lucretia and Cleopatra.
Leona Helmsley sold the company to a partnership between Irving Schneider and the late Alvin Schwartz, but the court decided that their management contract with W&M should have been found void by the arbitration panel because, under the new ownership, Helmsley Spear had become a completely different company with new "officers, directors, shareholders, management personnel, financial structure and fewer properties under management than (the former) Helmsley-Spear.
Citing a conflict of interest, the owners of the Trover Shop fired Jennings a month after Drum and Spear was launched.
Depictions of large battles, small skirmishes, and people attacking one another with spears and boomerangs document an ancient tradition of warrior art by aboriginal hunter-gatherers that extends from pre-agricultural times to the early part of this century.