speak for itself/themselves

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speak for itself/themselves

To have a clear meaning or explanation. I think my work these past few months speaks for itself and makes me more than qualified for this position.
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speak for itself

 and speak for themselves
[for something] not to need explaining; to have an obvious meaning. The facts speak for themselves. Tom is guilty. Your results speak for themselves. You need to work harder.
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speak for itˈself/themˈselves

be so clear or obvious that no explanation or comment is needed: The expressions on their faces spoke for themselves — they hated the song.
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You take the reins in social situations, and your personality speaks for itself. Just give others the opp to stand in the spotlight occasionally.
Neither interviews nor live performances are part of Cohen's plan, as he has indicated that the album speaks for itself. It does, and his fans will gratefully listen.
Its recent track record with viruses speaks for itself. The Netsky and the Nachi worms hit the campus, but because the IT department had the appropriate technology in place and acted quickly in updating computers, neither virus spread very far or did much damage.
He was always a good judge of a player, either black or white, and his record speaks for itself. I felt very sorry for Big Ron.
Having the SFC designation, Lopez says, speaks for itself in terms of the environmental and conservation communities, as well as a more environmentally conscious consumer market.
His pedigree speaks for itself. He had a medical yesterday and everything was fine.
His work speaks for itself with equal measures of power and eloquence.
The coverage obtained speaks for itself. PR firms and clients that feel qualified for an 'O'Dwyer Award' need only send us a brief description of their successful efforts to educate the public on a subject.
The declaration speaks for itself and is included in the record; moreover, Respondents have pointed out in the record the areas in which they consider the characterizations to be inaccurate.
"The work of the task force headed by Dave Bernard speaks for itself." Noting that TEI remains the preferred provider of continuing education for its members, Mr.
The beauty of his work speaks for itself. His love for his subject, the east end of Long Island, is evident in all of his paintings.
Literally translated, it means, "the thing speaks for itself".
These three acts are all darlings of the music Press, but their music also speaks for itself.
Don't be one of those people who still insist, "My work speaks for itself." Wrong!