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But perhaps you wish to speak with my cousin Hepzibah.
and he be such a man of prowess as ye speak of, said Sir Gawaine.
I am Peter Wilks' brother Harvey, and this is his brother William, which can't hear nor speak -- and can't even make signs to amount to much, now't he's only got one hand to work them with.
He did speak yesterdaythat is, he wrote, and was refused.
I'm gladder'n ever now, anyhow, that he speaks to me," sighed Pollyanna contentedly.
Madame Hester absolutely refuseth to speak, and the magistrates have laid their heads together in vain.
Who could speak the dreadful words, while the first tears were wet on their cheeks, while the first pang of separation was at its keenest in their hearts, while the memory of the funeral was not a day old yet?
I took the opportunity of her being from home, to beg to speak to you.
put your ear close--let me speak low lest the reeds of the hut speak it to the king.
As long as they were silent they did not look at each other, and a foreboding came across Adam that if they began to speak as though they remembered the past--if they looked at each other with full recognition--they must take fire again.
The pair met by the oak tree, and King Apollo son of Jove was first to speak.
If he would now speak to her with the unreserve which had sometimes been too much for her before, it would be most consoling; but that she found was not to be.
If you are English why is it then that you cannot speak English?
Roman Catholicism is, so to speak, simply the same thing as unchristianity," he added with flashing eyes, which seemed to take in everybody in the room.
It seems that when I went North with General Armstrong to speak at the series of public meetings to which I have referred, the President of the National Educational Association, the Hon.