References in classic literature ?
But in the hotel here now they are speaking of something - what you call more - mysterious.
But, if so, we mean different things, and he is speaking of something which is not a State.
Because otherwise, we would be speaking of something else," Mr Pasqui told Sky TG24.
Speaking of something absurdly odd that may eclipse the recent tanim-bala (bullet-planting) issue is the good news announced by Manila Electric Company (Meralco).
Speaking of something that doesn't stink, Chris reveals that his guilty pleasure is Justin Bieber.
Speaking of something so wrong it's right 'Sing if You Can' is like Karaoke crossed with Total Wipeout.
And there's a saying in the Songhai language when speaking of something wise and respected--"as proud and old as the walls of Amina.
The third cut features old country crooner Eric Idle, speaking of something completely different .