speaking candidly

speaking (quite) candidly

an expression introducing a frank or forthright statement. "speaking quite candidly, I find your behavior a bit offensive," stated Frank, obviously offended. Mary: Tell me what you really think about this skirt. Sally: speaking candidly, I think you should get your money back.
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References in classic literature ?
Life is the greatest treasure, and speaking candidly, ours hangs by a thread.
Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Princess's death, the film includes Diana speaking candidly and informally about her upbringing, her courtship with the Prince of Wales, her troubled marriage and her public life.
Explaining his reasons for speaking candidly about Diana, William said: "Twenty years on Harry and I felt that it was an appropriate time to open up a bit more about our mother.
Despite only dating for six months, Britney recently said she'd "love" to get married again while speaking candidly about her "amazing" boyfriend.
Speaking candidly after the recent talks in Geneva over Iran's nuclear weapons, Kerry said that the world powers had come extremely close" to making a deal with the Islamic Republic at the weekend .
Speaking candidly for the first time about his axing the 44-yearold said: "Looking back on it, am I right for breakfast TV?
Elton will be speaking candidly about experiences in his life and the programme also features the memories of friends and colleagues, including lyricist Bernie Taupin and Leon Russell, with whom he worked on his 2010 album The Union.
The 72-year-old veteran Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker is known for speaking candidly, and was slapped on the wrist in January for suggesting that it was time for Japan to review its policy of banning arms exports.
Speaking candidly about their own upbringing, as well as reflecting on their research and that of other distinguished colleagues, Drs.
They respected her for always being honest about being a lesbian, for speaking candidly about controversial issues and for the courage she showed in 1975 when, after losing a semifinal match to Evert at the U.
Johnson, chairman emeritus, speaking candidly about the 115-year old company's core values.
Mostly he is speaking candidly about his work; a few precious clips show him simply running and--a magnificent moment--in an early performance of his signature work, Revelations.
The discussion, scheduled from 2:45 to 4:15 pm on Monday October 30, will feature panel members speaking candidly about challenges in the manufacture, design and marketing of CuproBraze radiators and charge air coolers.
In this documentary, he offers an insight into his life, speaking candidly about his work, his family background and his beloved wife who died in 2011.
But Gatland, speaking candidly about his relationship with the man who later replaced him in the Irish job, says he has no regrets.