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Flora effectively becomes co-owner of the wartime child's story and experience that she follows, transformed as she is from a visitor to the recipient of a speakable rather than aphonous "psychological disturbance.
Nonetheless, Stoker's Dracula offers a space for challenging the ubiquity of the rhetoric of unspcakability in trauma theory, suggesting that a collective effort on the part of survivors and witnesses can ultimately render traumatic events speakable and representable, however fragmentary and contradictory that narrative may be.
42) Redlich not only means that something is speakable, but also that it is well spoken according to the guidelines of the society and its values.
27) Child sex-abuse narratives were rampant in North American television shows, films, and even popular music between 1980 and 2000, engendering a culture in which child molestation--previously a shameful and unspeakable experience in the United States--became suddenly speakable, knowable, and acknowledgeable.
The silencing of the evocative and recognized name is certainly a form of censorship in that it circumscribes "the social parameters of speakable discourse, of what will and will not be admissible in public discourse.
Bell, 1987, Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp.
Wehave labelled certain behaviour 'child abuse' and the term now immediately shrieks of the un speakable,un thinkable crime that is so serious it has to have its own rules and is surrounded with dire legal consequences not only for the perpetrator and victim but also for anyone else who might appear in the hinterland.
Agamben says that in this age "of absolutely speakable things" when all figures of the "Unspeakable.
This allows for categories to exist as realities detached from the language of single terms, which is the base for the formation of metaphysical objects, that is, to exist as a 'superior' level of semantic signification over an 'inferior' plane of semiotic signs, where these become speakable.
Most of the play, though, is torpedoed not by Brooks but by Dorfman, who, along with writing some of the least speakable lines in recent memory, is set on grinding into us the understanding that totalitarianism is Bad, that it is carried out by Bad People, and that anyone who consorts with those people becomes Bad by default.
A decade later, money becomes more speakable in tragic plays about nonaristocratic life.
By writing anti-laureate poetry, Hoccleve turned the gaze of his readers inward, towards an interiority newly speakable and a selfhood newly detached from power.
In other words, what Krog's citations make explicit about language is that testimony can be speakable, citable, and simultaneously gesture toward something unwritable, unknowable, and unpossessable.
Simply introducing these issues that have been so uniformly rendered invisible in heterosexist society can be frightening --"When I first did it I was scared to say the word, to take a stand"--but speaking the words soon renders the unspeakable speakable.
All texts engage in rituals of passing that have multiple meanings; Fuss (1991) reminds us, "To be out is really to be in--inside the realm of the visible, the speakable, the culturally intelligible, But things are still not so clear, for to come out can also work not to situate one in the inside but to jettison one from it" (4).