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The Chat 50 personal speaker phone is the perfect addition to the Mac Digital Home," says Deborah Quinlan, president of Speakables.
Speakables software solutions are available from http://www.
As a result, the religious drift to the One, residing in the unspeakable edges of Greek philosophy, was in Christianity harmonized with rational forces, in the way that the unspeakable yet speakable God was able to lodge in also fundamental truths of the cosmos.
Such an approach may remake an unspeakable history, rendering trauma again speakable through an aesthetic of strangeness or defamiliarization.
The language is widely regarded as the speakable promoted by the unspeakable.
signifying oneself in relation to the other woman, leaving the territory of comparison with the one and only (male) sex to enter that of a (female) sexed point of view, points to the self-determined desire to become a speaking and speakable subject; for language is as risky as life, both running the risk of interpretation (DWF, 1986, p.
Speech Recognition, which includes speakable items.
the speakable items utility, spoken commands can be used to execute
A current example of this expanded interface is Apple's Speakable Items utility.
The Speakable Items utility allows the user to give commands to his or her Macintosh computer via the PlainTalk microphone, and the Macintosh then executes those commands.
English Speech Recognition includes an all-new productivity utility called Speakable Items, which gives the user "command and control" of the computer, via speech.
The new Speakable Items utility is so effective and easy to use -- we expect users to be hooked on this great productivity boost in no time.
The diagram shows clearly that our most vital processes actually happen on the silent non-verbal organismal levels, and so remain un- speakable.
From unspeakable to speakable, you think, feel, evaluate and verbalize with care.