speak your mind

speak (one's) mind

To voice one's thoughts plainly or bluntly. Can I just speak my mind, even though you probably won't like what I have to say?
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speak your mind

express your feelings or opinions frankly.
1982 Marion Z. Bradley The Mists of Avalon Someday she would be too weary or too unguarded to care, and she would speak her mind to the priest.
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speak your ˈmind

say exactly what you think, in a very direct way: I like a man who speaks his mind. OPPOSITE: bite your tongue
See also: mind, speak
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I like how you speak your mind and encourage speaking the truth and exercising your right to free speech but is it really worth it?
Speaking your mind is considered a male quality, and in stand-up you have to speak your mind.
Become politically aware, speak your mind, and support those people who you think are good and important.
There's even a gossip square to speak your mind about other players.
He is attempting to send a message to their co-workers that if you speak your mind, you'll be fired
We're out to touch people and present them with an idea that's 230 years old -- that you have the right to speak your mind, to dissent, to address your government.
The monkeys demonstrate the simplicity of text messaging and the power of silent communication to freely speak your mind whenever, wherever.
My dad told me to always stand up for what you believe, to stick to your guns, and speak your mind,'' said Wilson's son, Roy Reggie, recalling his dad's advice as the moral to his near-death brush with fate.
Next time an issue strikes your heart, give your local leaders a call, and speak your mind.
Then you can grin at the winner's-circle cameras, the ones that were waiting for the Hall of Famers and the Arab princes, and you can speak your mind to a nation that all of a sudden is listening to you.