speak your mind

speak (one's) mind

To voice one's thoughts plainly or bluntly. Can I just speak my mind, even though you probably won't like what I have to say?
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speak your mind

express your feelings or opinions frankly.
1982 Marion Z. Bradley The Mists of Avalon Someday she would be too weary or too unguarded to care, and she would speak her mind to the priest.
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speak your ˈmind

say exactly what you think, in a very direct way: I like a man who speaks his mind. OPPOSITE: bite your tongue
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speak one's mind, to

To say what one thinks. The idea of putting the mind’s contents in words is probably ancient, but the expression is first seen in Shakespeare’s works, as, “Give me leave to speak my mind” (As You Like It, 2.7). A synonym is to speak one’s piece, which transfers piece in the sense of a recited passage to the expression of an opinion. It dates from the mid-1800s; C. F. Browne wrote in A. Ward: His Travels (1865), “I have spoken my piece about the Ariel.” From the same period we have yet another equivalent, to have one’s say. George Meredith used it in Richard Feverel (1859): “Lobourne had its say on the subject.”
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When I went through the Speak Your Mind topic, I couldn't stop myself from penning down my inner feelings onto a piece of paper ("Speak your Mind: Nothing to give to Mother Earth?", Gulf News, May 3).
There is no joy in growing old no matter what the poets say The gifts of youth we took for granted fade slowly like a summer's day The whispers fSrom the past, the happy times we thought would stay Slip through our failing memories and simply drift away But life's too short to hold regrets, or yearnings for the past The sand falls through the hourglass and the years roll by so fast So stand your ground and speak your mind and make your presence felt And tackle life with dignity and play the cards you're dealt Keep your spirits high - your stress levels low Don't let an uncaring society grind you down, and most of all, Never despair!
--I like how you speak your mind and encourage speaking the truth and exercising your right to free speech but is it really worth it?
Speaking your mind is considered a male quality, and in stand-up you have to speak your mind."
Become politically aware, speak your mind, and support those people who you think are good and important.
A big mouth he may have, but since when is it a crime to speak your mind?
There's even a gossip square to speak your mind about other players.
Speak your mind! Take part in our web survey today.
"Spell" sets Ginsberg's 1955 poem "Footnote to Howl" to moody music, while the funkier "Don't Say Nothing" embodies his cranky "speak your mind" spirit.