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At the moment, we politicians speak with forked tongue to the police.
Now, far be it for me to speak with forked tongue, but if anyone deserves a retirement it's Walter and he really should walk off at the end of the current campaign and spend more time with his family.
They speak with forked tongue, or, in the case of Wirral, (Steve) Foulkes tongue.
For once in its life, Hollywood does not speak with forked tongue.
Fashion editors don't speak with forked tongue when they say that a touch of snakeskin can add more than a dash of animal magnetism to your life.
Let's be perfectly clear on this and I will say with pinpoint accuracy and a roaming commission with the English language, Brown Man no speak with forked tongue.
Politicians not only speak with forked tongue, they eat with forked tongue too.
But Bates rapped: "As far as I'm concerned the FA speak with forked tongue.
But everyone knows the FA speak with forked tongue.
But it's not just Fianna Fail who speak with forked tongues, the gombeen Greens have managed to outdo their political masters.
The moral of this story: all councillors speak with forked tongues.
Withnell has no love for those who speak with forked tongues and offer false promises, and plans to begin his personal vendetta toward some Irish League managers on day one of the new season - against his old club Ballymena.
SCHIZOPHRENIA We speak with forked tongues when our rhetoric celebrates how much kids know about computing, but then we place them in school settings in which they barely use a computer or use the Internet in trivial ways.
No wonder consumers think the big five energy firms speak with forked tongues.
Part of it is that in spite of all the praise from politicians, the latter speak with forked tongues.