speak with

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speak with someone

 (about someone or something)
1. to talk with someone about someone or something; to discuss someone or something with someone. I was speaking with Fred about Don, who is a mutual friend. I need to know something about Don. I will speak with his friend Fred.
2. to reprimand one about one's dealing with someone or something. He should not have insulted Kelly. I will speak with him about her. He did what? I will speak with him!
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Continuing to connect Black Speak with the dissemination of a "truth," the following excerpt from a 1997 program exemplifies how Oprah typicafly opens a show by invoking Black Speak to establish a familiar rapport with her audience.
In the weeks and months ahead, I invite you to speak with me God's daring language of redemption.
These and many other biblical passages make it clear that the Bible believes our words make a difference and we should speak with care.
Today when we say that people speak from their hearts, we mean they speak with feeling or emotion and not just abstractly or from their "heads.
Korean FONCARD -- The Korean FONCARD is available at this time to residential customers only, who can order it by calling 800-377-2627 to speak with a Korean- or English-speaking representative.
It is expected that converts should speak with new tongues.