speak with

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speak with someone

 (about someone or something)
1. to talk with someone about someone or something; to discuss someone or something with someone. I was speaking with Fred about Don, who is a mutual friend. I need to know something about Don. I will speak with his friend Fred.
2. to reprimand one about one's dealing with someone or something. He should not have insulted Kelly. I will speak with him about her. He did what? I will speak with him!
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If the building was on fire and you needed to get people out, you'd probably speak with a lot of passion.
So, while I do not advocate the association of Black Speak with dissemination of the "Truth," I do assert that Bla ck Speak attempts to unravel perceptions of something viewed from the precipice from which Blacks observe American culture and transmit a (subjective/alternative) "truth" to the receiver.
Continuing to connect Black Speak with the dissemination of a "truth," the following excerpt from a 1997 program exemplifies how Oprah typicafly opens a show by invoking Black Speak to establish a familiar rapport with her audience.
In the weeks and months ahead, I invite you to speak with me God's daring language of redemption.
These and many other biblical passages make it clear that the Bible believes our words make a difference and we should speak with care.
It is expected that converts should speak with new tongues.