speak with

speak with (someone or something)

1. To hold a conversation with someone (about something). Jack's teacher wants to speak with us about his performance in school. I was speaking with Tom last night, and he said that you were thinking of leaving the company. Is that true?
2. To rebuke, reprove, or chide someone (about something). A: "She's just been really out of line lately." B: "Don't worry, I'll speak with her about it." Your father is going to speak with you when he gets home. Until then, you are not to leave your room, understood?
3. To have a particular attribute, trait, or characteristic while one speaks. I know you aren't an expert, but as long as you speak with authority and confidence, other people will go along with what you say. He spoke with great sadness about the loss of his brother.
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speak with someone

 (about someone or something)
1. to talk with someone about someone or something; to discuss someone or something with someone. I was speaking with Fred about Don, who is a mutual friend. I need to know something about Don. I will speak with his friend Fred.
2. to reprimand one about one's dealing with someone or something. He should not have insulted Kelly. I will speak with him about her. He did what? I will speak with him!
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For example, many of my known Sindhi families speak with their children either in English or in Urdu.
We both speak with our children in our own languages.
As those perceptions are communicated, language choices made by the orator become both the enunciator and delineator of a "truth." So, while I do not advocate the association of Black Speak with dissemination of the "Truth," I do assert that Bla ck Speak attempts to unravel perceptions of something viewed from the precipice from which Blacks observe American culture and transmit a (subjective/alternative) "truth" to the receiver.
Continuing to connect Black Speak with the dissemination of a "truth," the following excerpt from a 1997 program exemplifies how Oprah typicafly opens a show by invoking Black Speak to establish a familiar rapport with her audience.
In the weeks and months ahead, I invite you to speak with me God's daring language of redemption.
If you think that this software might be useful for you, first speak with a professional consultant or vendor to clarify your goals.
These and many other biblical passages make it clear that the Bible believes our words make a difference and we should speak with care.
Staff answering telephones need to be trained to speak with a clear, upbeat voice.
It is expected that converts should speak with new tongues."