speak to

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speak to

1. Literally, to communicate with someone or a group by speaking. George and I haven't been speaking to one another ever since our argument.
2. To address some topic or issue verbally, as in a speech or interview. The senator spoke to the need for bipartisan support if any meaningful tax reform were going to be possible.
3. To indicate or signal some topic or issue. The amount of respiratory problems present in this city's population speaks to the abysmal air quality here.
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speak to someone

to talk to someone. I am angry with him and I refuse to speak to him. Were you speaking to me?
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speak to something

[for something] to address, indicate, or signal something. This event speaks to the need for good communication. Your present state of employment speaks to your need for a better education.
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speak to

To address some topic: The mayor spoke to the issue of tax increases.
See also: speak
References in periodicals archive ?
The former boxing champ is now encouraging those who feeling down to 'go and speak to someone.'.
This is an opportunity to speak to someone about any concerns and how congressman Davis can address those concerns.
"Many customers are wary of online services and would rather speak to someone in person and have human guidance through the switching process, as well as someone to call afterwards if they have questions."
If you are plagued by suicidal thoughts you must speak to someone
"I had to speak to someone pretending to be David while he was being tortured.
The nurse-led confidential service will offer advice to anyone who bought pills from clinics run by Women Help Woman and Women on Web who are concerned about symptoms or want to speak to someone.
To speak to someone about the office changes, call 01287 623477 or email the parish council at: office@smnmpc.co.uk
I don't know what age you are but speak to someone who lived through it.
I rang the gritting line on Sunday to speak to someone who assured myself that 'a' gritter would be going through Lepton at 4pm.
In the old days, you could speak to someone in charge over a sandwich at Television Centre.
"It's so much fun to speak to someone you admire and come away from it with an even deeper appreciation for them as a person.
Officers want to speak to someone seen near the scenes in the early hours of Sunday at around the time the fires were set at 4.20am.
A week later he received the fine and called me in when he couldn't speak to someone at Parking Eye and was directed to an automated line.
WHY, oh why, when I wish to telephone an office for a bit of information, can I never speak to someone direct?
Colin Mackenzie, from the NSPCC, said: "It is a tragedy when a vulnerable child summons up the courage to phone ChildLine but cannot get through to speak to someone.