speak to

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speak to

1. Literally, to communicate with someone or a group by speaking. George and I haven't been speaking to one another ever since our argument.
2. To address some topic or issue verbally, as in a speech or interview. The senator spoke to the need for bipartisan support if any meaningful tax reform were going to be possible.
3. To indicate or signal some topic or issue. The amount of respiratory problems present in this city's population speaks to the abysmal air quality here.
See also: speak

speak to someone

to talk to someone. I am angry with him and I refuse to speak to him. Were you speaking to me?
See also: speak

speak to something

[for something] to address, indicate, or signal something. This event speaks to the need for good communication. Your present state of employment speaks to your need for a better education.
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speak to

To address some topic: The mayor spoke to the issue of tax increases.
See also: speak
References in classic literature ?
She seemed to want sadly to speak to somebody who was absent from her somewhere.
If they didn't speak to somebody they wouldn't be here.
However this is set to change under new rules, as Ofcom has ruled that the need to speak to somebody on the phone is a major factor in people not switching.
Chairman David McCubbin said: "In modern tourism everyone seems to be obsessed with websites and social media but we still think there is very much a place for being able to speak to somebody and allowing them to come in and ask a question.
"It allows patients to speak to somebody more specialised in a certain area.
The man then tries to speak over the operator to which she responds: "Sir, listen to me, listen to me, this is an emergency line, we don't deal with domestic cases and we don't do DNA tests so I suggest you speak to somebody else."
He said: "If you get the chance to speak to somebody with the experience of Steve Bruce at this level, you don't knock that opportunity back.
"If I was going to speak to somebody, I'd just say - get all the information, just do it.
Or where weve had to raise our voice to speak to somebody who is a metre away from you.
Following his arrest in February, Lewis asked police if he could speak to somebody in Vetrano's family.
She said: "I know a lot of people, especially the older generation, that like to speak to somebody in person and they can't do that with internet banking."
"For my benefit, I would love to speak to somebody who had something to do with her on the day of her death or the day before."
That's why I got involved in the campaign; to encourage to people with concerns to speak to somebody.