speak to

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speak to someone

to talk to someone. I am angry with him and I refuse to speak to him. Were you speaking to me?
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speak to something

[for something] to address, indicate, or signal something. This event speaks to the need for good communication. Your present state of employment speaks to your need for a better education.
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speak to

To address some topic: The mayor spoke to the issue of tax increases.
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Continuing to connect Black Speak with the dissemination of a "truth," the following excerpt from a 1997 program exemplifies how Oprah typicafly opens a show by invoking Black Speak to establish a familiar rapport with her audience.
She invokes Black Speak to engage the audience with humor in the first line.
In many cases, Oprah invokes Black Speak to uncover a "truth.
Oprah invokes Black Speak to quickly convey that if the "truth" is to be known Michael and Janet Jackson have the means to communicate with each other around the globe if they so desire.
com's 32,000 hours of spoken audio are available at prices that speak to the efficiencies of media distribution using the Internet as compared to traditional channels and physical products.
Mileham was invited to speak to the high school students by Rosamond High senior Ojore Jones, president and founder of his school's American Cancer Society youth club.
Though the catechism was written to speak to all Catholics, the English version violently contradicts its own teaching.
If I speak to you in French, you're just going to hear French noise.
But what you have to make sure is that the kid hears both languages, values both languages and wants to speak to the people who speak those languages.
ViaVoice, IBM's first continuous dictation product for the general professional and consumer market, allows users to speak to their computer in a normal spoken voice as if they were talking to another person.
Consumers interested in subscribing to AT&T International Redial should call 1-800-732-9675 to speak to a customer service representative; Cusomters who prefer may call 1-800-533-0019, ext.