speak (one's) language

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speak (one's) language

To say something or communicate in a way that aligns with one's preferences, desires, motivations, etc. A: "Look, I know all this technical jargon is pretty boring. Why don't we finish early for the day and go out for pizza?" B: "Oh yeah, now you're speaking my language!" A: "I'm a little worried about pitching my idea to the board of directors tomorrow." B: "Just focus on how your plan will boost profits, and you'll be speaking their language."
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speak someone's language

Fig. to say something that one agrees with or understands. I gotcha. Now you're speaking my language. Mary speaks Fred's language. They get along fine.
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speak someone’s language

tv. to say something that one agrees with or understands. I gotcha. Now you’re speaking my language.
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References in classic literature ?
We call them the first men--we speak their language quite as much as we do our own; only in the rituals of the temple do we make any attempt to retain our mother tongue.
For expatriates, a realistic and fruitful relationship with the UAE-Arab community can be achieved in many ways, but the most effective way is to learn to speak their language; as language helps one to travel to the heart of an individual's cultural identity in the shortest possible time.
BRETON Pennbrazh (Archdruid) Kurul will return home from the National Eisteddfod to encourage his compatriots to speak their language as often as they can.
"Wales is a bilingual country; staff should have the right to speak their language. This case underlines the need for the strengthening of Welsh language legislation."
Having been adopted by the Choinumne Yokuts at the age of six, Mayfield was raised to speak their language, wear their clothing, eat their foods, navigate their boats, hunt their game, and build with them their houses.
According to the U'mista Cultural Society, less than nine per cent of the Kwakwaka'wakw people can speak their language. The hymnal project is just one small piece of the effort to reverse the disappearance of Kwak'wala, Ms.
Finally, she returned home, to a place completely changed, where her people were forbidden to speak their language or practice their religion, where Chinese people were everywhere on Tibetan streets and in villages.
Secondly, the uprooting of the children and the prohibition to speak their language was government policy, not the doing of the churches.
And in return, these people demand that we speak their language in school?
The site offers translation of the home page and broker biographies, which immediately direct the site visitor to the brokers who speak their language. The languages will include Arable, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian and Spanish.
If they really listened to what he is saying, instead of bidding him to speak their language, they would understand he is offering something far richer and more powerful: Faith.
The brutal stories of how indigenous peoples are punished in schools, not just in residential or boarding schools but also public schools, whenever they speak their languages were shared in this meeting.
'I discovered that in the North, South-South, South East, they still cherish and speak their languages and dialects.
In addition, people from around the nation or the world can now visit the website to find Realtors who speak their languages. “Our goal is to create a strong bridge between the public and our Association so that they can select the Realtor who will work best with them,” said Richard Haggerty, HGAR CEO.