speak for itself

speak for itself/themselves

To have a clear meaning or explanation. I think my work these past few months speaks for itself and makes me more than qualified for this position.
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speak for itself

 and speak for themselves
[for something] not to need explaining; to have an obvious meaning. The facts speak for themselves. Tom is guilty. Your results speak for themselves. You need to work harder.
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speak for itˈself/themˈselves

be so clear or obvious that no explanation or comment is needed: The expressions on their faces spoke for themselves — they hated the song.
See also: itself, speak, themselves
References in classic literature ?
"I know myself that one cannot help one's sympathies and antipathies," thought Prince Andrew, "so it will not do to present my proposal for the reform of the army regulations to the Emperor personally, but the project will speak for itself."
The story of the Odyssey, abbreviated [13] in very simple prose, for children--of all ages--will speak for itself. But the garland of graceful stories which gives name to the volume, told by a party of girls on the evening of their assembling at school, are in the highest degree characteristic of the brother and sister who were ever so successful in imparting to others their own enjoyment of books and people.
On the doorstep he was informed, in letters of lead, that he was "Welcome!" On the mat in the passage bristly black words burst on his attention, commanding him to "wipe his shoes." Even the hat-stand in the hall was not allowed to speak for itself; it had "Hats and Cloaks" inscribed on it, and it issued its directions imperatively in the matter of your wet umbrella--"Put it here!"
His character was to speak for itself. He called it, therefore, his duty to step forward, and endeavour to remedy an evil which had been brought on by himself.
If he could be privately recommended--' She stopped, and left the unfinished sentence to speak for itself.
'Our conduct, Sir,' said Dodson, 'will speak for itself, and justify itself, I hope, upon every occasion.
camarades, I think that I may let my plunder speak for itself."
A brave man's hand can speak for itself, it does not even need a woman's love to hear its music.
It should speak for itself if I could find it, but I cannot, and only remember that it was a "male nurse and constant attendant" that was "wanted for an elderly gentleman in feeble health." A male nurse!
The evidence, or the lack of it, will speak for itself," Guevarra said in a statement.
''Yung nagawa ko as member of the Senate will already speak for itself kung deserving ba ako maging senador ulit (What I did as member of the Senate will already speak for itself kung deserving ba ako maging senador ulit),' Binay told reporters.
Chief minister said that Punjab government will be made a role model for other provinces and our work will speak for itself.
The source also said that the country singer has been offered to be interviewed by various publications, but she refused and maintained that she wanted her music to "speak for itself."
Let me deliver it and watch the outcome speak for itself.
Mendes said: "It's been a wonderful experience to not have the commercial pressure of making a big movie where you have to cast big names, where you can fine tune two actors who perfectly match the roles and let the movie speak for itself."