speak for itself

speak for itself/themselves

To have a clear meaning or explanation. I think my work these past few months speaks for itself and makes me more than qualified for this position.
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speak for itself

 and speak for themselves
[for something] not to need explaining; to have an obvious meaning. The facts speak for themselves. Tom is guilty. Your results speak for themselves. You need to work harder.
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speak for itˈself/themˈselves

be so clear or obvious that no explanation or comment is needed: The expressions on their faces spoke for themselves — they hated the song.
See also: itself, speak, themselves
References in classic literature ?
No, sir," said Moody "I would rather leave it, if you please, to speak for itself.
If he could be privately recommended--' She stopped, and left the unfinished sentence to speak for itself.
The poetry of the language, the drama, the passion speaks for itself - did speak for itself.
Though sensitive to the nuances of history, the scheme has a boldness in both conception and execution that lets architecture of all eras speak for itself.
With few false notes, minimal preaching, and no apologies, Patterson puts our system on trial by letting the appellate process speak for itself.
After 9/11, Huntington fell silent, allowing his thesis to speak for itself.
Laudably, he refrained from the sort of melodrama other reporters indulge in, allowing the drama of the images to speak for itself.
The last section, though, finally asks movement to speak for itself.
Their uniformity, set against the artist's coy diffidence and seemingly arbitrary methodology, leads to the conclusion that Hockney is satisfied to let his new vision speak for itself.
There is also a post that may once have held an explanatory marker, but now the tree is left to speak for itself, which it does eloquently.
WilkinsonEyre decided to allow the scale of the building to speak for itself and to let the pavilions and exhibits become events within the vast space, linked horizontally by bridges and walkways and vertically by the re-used transformer building.
CHICAGO -- John Reese, editor of the Validea Hot List newsletter, lets the record speak for itself.
Part of the delight lies in his treatment of the brick structure which after cleaning and protection from humidity and pollution has been left to speak for itself.
We expect to generate substantial trial downloads with our promotion efforts and then the product will speak for itself.
The architects allowed the tall existing space to speak for itself and introduced stainless steel and glass showcases in the place of the wall which separated the workshop space at the back from the shop proper.