speak against

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speak against someone or something

1. to criticize someone or something. Many people are speaking against the mayor. she will not be reelected. Please don't speak against cats in my presence.
2. to testify or argue against someone or something. Judy spoke against the candidate at length. The next speaker spoke against nuclear waste.
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The next figure, one that the pro-government Star daily found to speak against the GE-len movement, is worse.
As councillors for Cressington we will be there and are asking to speak against the scheme.
The coerciveness of prepackaged femininity and the nauseous entwining of postwar American consumerism with the destruction in Vietnam inspire these montages, in which ads filled with nubile models are made to speak against themselves and lovely homes are infiltrated with shots of burning villages, napalmed peasants, and tense GIs.
4) It is possible that any biblical texts that speak against homosexuals are based on prejudices that came out of the society of that day, prejudices that have endured until the present.
A serious and intense work of prolonged thought and feeling, written to speak against common exhortations that obfuscate the process of understanding with the intensely human yet ultimately misleading need to believe what we want to believe.
American Idol'' judge Randy Jackson, left, Arianna Huffington and movie producer Lawrence Bender walk on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara on Tuesday, as they joined with California Treasurer Phil Angelides, not shown, to speak against Gov.
Because of the gravity of the matter and the astonishing attitude of the CCCB in refusing to speak against intrinsically evil legislation and wanting to be "neutral," Catholic Insight will discuss this issue at greater length in a future edition.
Only the blameless can speak against a sinner, which pretty much empties out the square, beginning with the older and wiser members of the assembly, who realize they've been out-maneuvered.
The animals speak against Savonarola, while the peasant argues vigorously on behalf of the Ferrarese describing in detail his life and actions, and arguing for the truth of his prophecies.
We shouldn't have a double standard: if we dare speak against the United States [in resolutions concerning its government], we should speak against China.
PEACE campaigner Bruce Kent will visit Leamington next week to speak against the threat of war against Iraq.
I know what it is like to try and speak against the storm wave of media opinion that in the last decade soaked the American public in propaganda that Communism is dead.
The Tory chief is trying to pull out of the right-wing European People's Party because he says his MEPs are unable to speak against the euro.
Churches and church leaders should not only reject the Coalition's nefarious voter guides, but also speak against religiously based political deception.