speak about

speak about (someone or something)

To converse, talk, or lecture about someone or something. The professor will be speaking about research methodology in his next seminar. He could hear his parents speaking about him in the other room. I've spoken about this topic multiple times already.
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speak about someone or something

to mention or discuss someone or something. And now I will speak about Abraham Lincoln. Let us speak about what happened yesterday.
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(4) Marty uses the seasonal designations, summer and winter, to speak about praise and lament.
Kikuchi had been expected to speak about the miseries of the last war.
A majority of the women in our survey--58 percent--say that at some time they have changed the way they act in order to fit in or be accepted by whites, and 79 percent of those women say they shifted in the way they communicated, toning down their mannerisms, changing the way they spoke or what they chose to speak about.
Sure, some of her speech was corny, but most of the criticism sprang from a mocking mistrust of a liberal who dared to speak about spiritual matters.
To speak about God having masculine or feminine dimensions--one revealed in Jesus, the other in Mary--ignores the nature of religious speech and makes sex in God truly real.
Since being woman is an excellence, we can speak about God in female images in as adequate and as inadequate a way as we use male ones.