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in full spate

1. Happening or being undertaken at a fast pace or with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm. Primarily heard in UK. If you're not coming home for Christmas, you need to tell Mom because her planning is already in full spate. Campaigns for both sides are now in full spate ahead of the May election.
2. Engaging in or characteristic of a manner of speaking that is fluent, quick, and/or lengthy. Primarily heard in UK. After a couple of drinks during dinner, my uncle was in full spate about his position on immigration.
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in spate

Of a river, stream, creek, etc., running with a higher volume of water than is normal. Primarily heard in UK. Once the snowfall melts and the river is in spate, there's a real danger of soil erosion creating hazards on the footpaths and bridges around it.
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in (full) ˈspate

(especially British English)
1 (of a river) containing more water and flowing more strongly than usual: After heavy rain, the river was in spate.
2 (of a person) completely involved in talking and not likely to stop or not able to be interrupted: Celia was in full spate as usual, so I just sat there waiting for her to finish.
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The spates underline the need for rivers that don't have hatcheries to build them - and for those that do to increase production to cater for these abnormalities.
Karim Nawaz, hailing from Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, who conducted the research in Sindh, said the spate system needs to be developed for irrigation, drinking water, livestock, and recharging underground water systems.
To test for significant differences between habitat types and spate condition, nonparametric multi-response permutation procedures (MRPP) were used.
PC Williams said Mr Spate didn't want to leave his body for weeks before it was discovered.
It also denounced the spate of heinous attacks targeting individuals and security forces.
Certain films such as Kill Bill and some rap music can be blamed for the spate of violence, he suggested.
I often get slated in the chatroom, it's part of the job, but it makes me more determined to do better - that should have been Spate's attitude.
Moved by himself and seconded by members Peter Clarke, Peter Coffin, Peter Elliott, Peter Fenty, Peter Hobbs, Peter Irish, Peter Inukpuk, Peter Monk, Peter Tovell, Peter Wall, Pierre Voyer and Louise Peters: "Whereas there are at this synod more Peters than any other name, such as Michaels and Davids, who are, as we all know, common as dirt, we declare this to be a day of commemoration of Saints Peter the Many and offer our condolences to those of you not so similarly blessed." (The house of bishops has long featured a spate of members named David or Michael.)
It is also a significant recommitment to the City of Norwalk, which has recently seen a spate of relocations of notable corporations into the town including Diageo PLC North America, FactSet, GE Commercial Finance, Graham Capital and Tauck Tours in addition to expansions of local firms already in residence such as Gibbs College Norwalk.
After a spate of food poisoning that resulted in 138 deaths and more than 7,000 cases of serious illness during 2002, the Chinese government has approved the creation of the new China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).
BOAT owners who use Welsh harbours have been warned to secure their craft following a spate of thefts of marine equipment.
The Marines loved Jim Nabors on Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.--and no, the actor-singer did not marry Rock Hudson back in the '70s, as a spate of pesky gay rumors suggested.
A spate of recent incidents underscores the dangers of government usurpation of religious symbols and phrases.
Have a spate of recent books on the papacy been robbing Peter to pay for publicity?
The spousal spate not only endangers Pitta's political aspirations but it threatens plans to refinance the city's multibillion-dollar debt.