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in spate

Of a river, stream, creek, etc., running with a higher volume of water than is normal. Primarily heard in UK. Once the snowfall melts and the river is in spate, there's a real danger of soil erosion creating hazards on the footpaths and bridges around it.
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in full spate

1. Happening or being undertaken at a fast pace or with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm. Primarily heard in UK. If you're not coming home for Christmas, you need to tell Mom because her planning is already in full spate. Campaigns for both sides are now in full spate ahead of the May election.
2. Engaging in or characteristic of a manner of speaking that is fluent, quick, and/or lengthy. Primarily heard in UK. After a couple of drinks during dinner, my uncle was in full spate about his position on immigration.
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in (full) ˈspate

(especially British English)
1 (of a river) containing more water and flowing more strongly than usual: After heavy rain, the river was in spate.
2 (of a person) completely involved in talking and not likely to stop or not able to be interrupted: Celia was in full spate as usual, so I just sat there waiting for her to finish.
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He said Punjab and KP provincial governments have developed infrastructure about spate, but in Sindh there were only communities working on self help basis.
The NMDS ordination showed that macroinvertebrate community composition was distinctly different between riffles and pools before the spate, but overlapped after the spate (Fig.
One of the worst spates of thefts has occurred on the Llyn Peninsula and Anglesey.
Recent years have seen a spate of bestselling books praising and condemning modern popes--some of them giving the papacy credit for ending the Cold War and bringing the church into the third millennium, some of them blaming popes for collaborating with the Holocaust and attempting to drag the church back into a medieval past.
Six charged over spate of burglaries SIX people have been charged following a spate of burglaries in Wigan.
David is one of the Catholic Church's more outspoken critics of the spate of extrajudicial killings amid the Duterte administration's war on illegal drugs.
The post Foreign gang behind spate of burglaries appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
But a few years back we did have a spate of a purse thefts and I just wondered what we could do to prevent them happening.
Police have seen a spate of burglaries taking place in the early evening in the Billingham and Norton areas and are urging residents to ensure they lock up and light up their homes at this vulnerable time of day.
Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Simpson said: "We're carrying out further inquiries to trace those responsible for this spate of damage and there will be additional patrols in the affected areas and officers are also checking CCTV footage.
TWO men have been arrested and charged after a spate of burglaries and thefts from cars in the Barry and Penarth areas.
It is the latest in a spate of high prole policing in the area after a spate of incidents over the last month.
CYCLISTS in Washington are being told to secure their bikes after a 24-hour spate of thefts.
Nickolay Mladenov, voiced grave concern over the recent spate of assassination of journalists in several parts of the country, including in Sulaimaniya and Mosul, while performing their duties.