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spit in(to) the wind

To do something totally pointless, fruitless, or futile; to waste one's time doing something that will not or cannot come to pass. To be perfectly honest, I feel like voting is just spitting in the wind, so I don't even bother. My mom and dad spent years spitting in the wind trying to get my brother to take his studies seriously; in the end, he dropped out anyway to pursue a career in music.
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spit (out) the dummy

To have a childish overreaction or angry outburst to a negative situation or outcome; to act in a bad-tempered manner, likened to a temper tantrum of a child. "Dummy" here refers to a plastic teat used to soothe teething infants (also called a "pacifier" in the U.S. or a "soother" elsewhere), which they may spit when in the middle of a tantrum. Primarily heard in Australia. John spat the dummy when I told him I'd sold his old comic book collection. Don't go spitting out the dummy just because Cheryl got the promotion instead of you.
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The spat collection efficiency of this type of collector, which had been successfully used in previous Scottish trials, was compared with the polyethylene woven filament collector in the north of Croaghan island site.
In this study, we address this information gap for two locations in the Western Province of Solomon Islands by documenting temporal variability in abundance of blacklip pearl oyster spat on collectors deployed over an eight-year period.
We reared artificially-produced spat from September 13 to December 19, 2002, which includes the period with many spat dying (Katsumata & Nakamori 2002).
We are also recommending that our officers deploy spat collectors to other islands in Gau.
Similar to other marine bivalves, pearl oyster spat produced in a hatchery are transferred to either a sea- or land-based nursery at approximately 2 mm in shell length for further growth.
Mrs Brough - who said the incident left her feeling dreadful - said her daughter spat in her face three times during the confrontation.
Katie Langley from Manchester tweeted: "Justin Bieber spat at his fans from a balcony because he was bored.
If anyone spat on me I would definitely have been sent off because I know I would react furiously.
When he was asked if he was spat upon, he replied: "Yes, but I'm not going to speak about it.
Asked if he had been spat at, Stearman added: "Yes, but I'm not going to speak about it.
Bradley Sparrow, 18, of Dawson Crescent, Prestatyn, was accused of having spat on a woman train manager on a Bangor to Birmingham service.
Arsenal club captain Cesc Fabregas has publicly denied an allegation he spat at Hull assistant boss Brian Horton during their FA Cup quarter-final clash at the Emirates.
According to The Sun, Fabregas stormed over to Horton after the Gunners' controversial 2-1 FA Cup win and spat at him on The Emirates pitch.
The English FA are waiting for the referee's report before deciding whether to take any action against Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas following an allegation he spat at Hull City assistant manager Brian Horton.
He said: "I asked him what he was doing but he said he would spit at me if he wanted to - and then he spat in my face.