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spar with someone

1. Lit. to box with someone for practice. The champ needs someone to spar with every day. Ted was sparring with his brother when the phone rang and saved him from further exertion.
2. Fig. to argue or quibble with someone. I think you really enjoy sparring with people just to irritate them. stop sparring with me! I am not here to argue.
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sparring partner

An individual with whom one enjoys arguing, as in Jim's my best sparring partner. This expression alludes to boxing, where since about 1900 it has denoted the person one practices or trains with. [Mid-1900s] Also see spar with.
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spar with

Argue or debate with, as in You'd never know they were happily married, because they're constantly sparring with each other . [Early 1600s]
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a sparring partner

Someone's sparring partner is someone they enjoy arguing with or discussing things with. My old sparring partner Chris Moyles has got the Radio 1 breakfast show in place of Sara Cox. Note: This expressing comes from boxing, where a sparring partner was someone to practise with.
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Ray McDermott will be responsible for fabrication of the production facility topside and offshore installation of the spar platform, including moorings, hull, production risers and topside.
Its services include design, fabrication and installation of spar platforms; design and installation of subsea facilities; design, fabrication, and installation of new and refurbished bottom-founded offshore platforms; and, installation of offshore pipelines for the oil and gas industry.
The Nansen spar platform will be installed in 3,675 feet of water in East Breaks Block 602.
The sophisticated technology we offer spar developments reaffirms our position as a strong competitor in this quickly evolving aspect of the marine construction industry.
Its services include design, fabrication and installation of spar platforms, design and installation of subsea facilities, fabrication, transportation, and installation of new and refurbished offshore platforms and installation of offshore pipelines for the offshore oil and gas industry.
I am honored to have a role in the renovation of the Adventure and Ernestina, and proud that the Department of Environmental Management has recognized the historical value of these two schooners by donating state trees for the reconstruction of the vessels' spars.
The Genesis spar will be first to provide both full drilling and production handling capabilities and the second built for oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.
Including the Chevron and Oryx spar platforms, McDermott is currently involved in five deepwater projects.
promotes, markets, and contracts for deepwater platforms using the spar technology.
The Gulf of Mexico's first spar production facility is currently under construction for Oryx Energy Company.
The Oryx spar platform will consist of a hull, 72 feet in diameter and 705 feet long, and a 2,500-ton deck.
We have a strong relationship with Spar and are sure this will continue.
Spar said the Payzone deal, which will come into effect from 20 July, was strategically important because electronic payments were becoming an increasingly significant part of its business.
Spar was slowly spreading across the globe, he said, with moves into Croatia, Cyprus and "several other countries" planned for next year.
Although Germany and Japan continued to struggle in 2001, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Slovenia put in strong performances and worldwide retail sales from Spar outlets in more than 30 countries topped 26bn [pounds sterling].