spar with (one)

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spar with (one)

1. Literally, to practice against or train with one, as in boxing. I love sparring with Tom, but I've become too familiar with his personal habits in the ring, so I need to find someone new. Each time we blow the whistle, everyone in the inner circle will move to the left so you can spar with a new opponent.
2. To debate, argue, or quibble with someone (about something). Even though he was an incredibly frustrating guy, I have to admit that I'll miss sparring with him in class each week. The two candidates will spar with one another during a televised debate this coming Saturday.
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spar with someone

1. Lit. to box with someone for practice. The champ needs someone to spar with every day. Ted was sparring with his brother when the phone rang and saved him from further exertion.
2. Fig. to argue or quibble with someone. I think you really enjoy sparring with people just to irritate them. stop sparring with me! I am not here to argue.
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spar with

Argue or debate with, as in You'd never know they were happily married, because they're constantly sparring with each other . [Early 1600s]
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"I went there and sparred with one of the A-middleweights, who A-expected a technical spar, but I went in -- I tried to take his head off and I hurt him.
I went there and sparred with one of the middleweights, who expected a technical spar, but I went in - I tried to take his head off and I hurt him.
It will be the second time the two have sparred with one another and McAulay admits he is excited about getting into the gym with the undefeated 13-0 boxer.
It's no secret that some on the Calendar and Business staffs have sparred with one another, and a lack of cross-section coordination has been an ongoing lament by top editors.
There was little to excite in a competitive but uninspired first period in which both teams sparred with one another.