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sparkle with something

to glitter or twinkle because of something. The crystal goblets sparkled with the light from the flickering candles. Her eyes sparkled with the reflection of the candles.
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He added that the TI Sparkles Seabone will help improve the user experience of Iranian customers by providing high grades of reliability and guaranteed service level agreements to the large community of local Service Providers of the region.
Happily Sparkle made a full recovery - and Chelsea-Ann has now given Chesney to her mum Susan, 52, who lives nearby.
MayorMaker leverages Sparkle Geofencing to automatically Check-in and Check-out users from their favourite venues in Foursquare", said Gregory Raiz, founder Raizlabs.
Candurin[R] Gold Sparkle is produced according to GMP and meets stringent international food, beverage and drug safety standards.
Telecom Italia might also postpone the approval and announcement of its end-2009 data due to the problems at Sparkle.
Perfect for parties and when you just want that extra sparkle.
Why then, given the generally positive attitude to sparkle and shine, do we often associate these terms with such negative aesthetic qualities as `glitzy' and `gaudy' and the superficiality of `glitter'?
It looks great teamed with a dark eye, or wear over a red lip colour for a statement sparkle.
Sparkle is a six-week-old puppy who is the Guide Dogs charity's jubilee mascot.
MERSEYSIDE wonder dog Sparkle has been stealing hearts over the festive period thanks to a starring role in a TV advert.
3 -- 5 -- color) Adding a splash of sparkle and color to the scene are Heather Locklear of ABC's ``Spin City,'' top, Kim Cattrall of HBO's ``Sex in the City,'' center, and Cameron Diaz, above.
We added sparkle on Danielle's eyes, but you can do a glitter lip, nail tip, or just dust some glitte r on your cheekbones.
The wine then undergoes a secondary fermentation for 3-5 weeks in small pressurized tanks to produce its distinguishing sparkle by introducing specially selected yeast from the Champagne region of France to the base blend.
MOJAVE - Sand Canyon Volunteer Fire Department firefighters haven't given up hope for fire dog Sparkle, missing since a man was seen putting him into an old pickup truck last February.
As Lacroix mixed and mingled with stars' stylists, he talked about Jennifer Lopez, commenting, ``I think Jennifer needs sparkle and glitter but nothing too exotic .