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spare (one) (something)

To not force one to listen to or engage in something, especially that which is tedious, dull, or unpleasant. I can see that you understand what you did wrong, so I'll spare you a lecture about it. Spare us the lurid details, James.
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spare someone something

to exempt someone from having to listen to or experience something. I'll spare you the details and get to the point. Please, spare me the story and tell me what you want.
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The sparest poetry--especially when set beside the false eloquence of some American poetry--may ultimately be the richest.
The writing is sparest, even pointillistic, at the melodramatic climax.
10 Cleaning of radiators (DG Set, Alternator & Tractor (11) Seif Starter (DG Set, Tractor) (12) Heat Exchanger (Oil cooler) forturbine and sparest 13) AirCompressorforsulphurfurnace (14) Spare for Lubrication System (15) Steam Flow Recorder/Totalizer.
And really, if there's a fault here, it's that the musicians are a bit quick to show off the tricks in their musical arsenal, when frankly, the strongest bits of the album are the sparest, the ones where the full force of the band's rage is both unfiltered and unadulterated.
But the sparest, and most hard- hitting of the series are Nicola Okin Frioli's portraits of train survivors in The Other Side of the American Dream .
Ruggiero provides a fast and efficient staging on the sparest of sets.
For its first creation, Three Atmospheric Studies, opening at the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt on April 21, the group teams up with New York-based artist Spencer Finch, who is known for catapulting viewers to historically and geographically distant places through the sparest of means: electric lights and color filters.
My longtime collaborators, set and costume designer Robert Israel and lighting designer James Ingalls, created the sparest possible environment: The set was a vast, dirt-covered rake inset with four pits, out of which Puck would crawl; a few chairs; and an old table, on top of which "Pyramus and Thisbe" was performed.
Neither does it faze them, apparently, that they may be significantly underestimating the depth of sentiment the public is capable of applying to even the sparest of architectural gestures.
One of the South Korean maverick's sparest and most dispassionate works, though still marbled with weirdly comic and tender moments, this quietly affecting item will play best to Kim's existing fan club rather than enroll many new members, with niche business in markets receptive to his pies.
His sparest canvases, with their transparent libidinal expression, only enhance that seductive tension.
In The Janitor, 2001, for instance, one of Nordstrom's sparest compositions, a woman sits on an office desk, raising a sleek haunch to expose a shadow of genitalia.
There's all the more reason, then, to wish for a more exact (and exacting), less cluttered response to the play than Nunn offers up in a staging so over-embellished that one senses a failure of nerve in this sparest of texts to speak for itself.
The triptych has the sparest composition: Puffy white cloudlike forms meander across a gold ground lined along the bottom with blood bubbles, a rogue one floating above.