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Crane probably did not read his Anabase, but that work too tries to suggest the movement and destinies of peoples over vast tracts of space and to do so in the sparest and most allusive manner.
We'll mix with different cultures, get to travel internationally and learn Sparest," student Tammy Mamo said.
Her book is not necessarily the most authoritative, but it may be the sparest, most direct, and most scholarly.
Neither does it faze them, apparently, that they may be significantly underestimating the depth of sentiment the public is capable of applying to even the sparest of architectural gestures.
The writing is sparest, even pointillistic, at the melodramatic climax.
And really, if there's a fault here, it's that the musicians are a bit quick to show off the tricks in their musical arsenal, when frankly, the strongest bits of the album are the sparest, the ones where the full force of the band's rage is both unfiltered and unadulterated.
But the sparest, and most hard- hitting of the series are Nicola Okin Frioli's portraits of train survivors in The Other Side of the American Dream .
For its first creation, Three Atmospheric Studies, opening at the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt on April 21, the group teams up with New York-based artist Spencer Finch, who is known for catapulting viewers to historically and geographically distant places through the sparest of means: electric lights and color filters.