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Yes; but trot away now, for I've no more time to spare," said Tom, looking at his watch.
Traditional algorithms for determining spare parts holdings assume random, independent, demand for spare parts items.
5 billion in appropriations spent on spare parts since fiscal year 2000, the Air Force continues to report shortages of spare parts.
Lack of understanding about the true costs associated with providing spares and the misalignment of cost-recovery methods used with the actual activities of the processes performed.
AMCOM estimates it will spend $635 million on spare parts in 2002.
DETROIT - Some new Ford Ranger pickups come equipped with a 15-inch Firestone ATX tire as a spare - the same type as those involved in a nationwide recall - though both companies say the spare tires have several structural differences.
Industry representatives voiced their concern over the quality and reliability of breakout spares used in major end-items rather than original equipment manufacture (OEM) spares.
The IRS is of the opinion that, because title to the part changes hands when the taxpayer exchanges a part from its pool of rotable spares with the customer's original part, the part was sold to the customer.
Establishment of spares holding in Australia for the MCP product line is an extension of Video Display Corporation's long term commitment to continue as the leader in expanding its support of the many thousands of CRT based military and commercial display products and customers through out the world," states Richard Manning, VDC Display Systems Technical Services Director.
Meridium's Spares Analysis solution provides the capability to assess the optimal level of spares for specific equipment strategies, offering site-wide optimal levels for spare items, while balancing cost and risk factors.
Support items including spares and support equipment (SE) as well as publications, facilities, and training are selected based on tailored maintenance concepts and existing compatible FMS customer owned logistics assets.
There are plenty more companies out there that fit in well with Fields Aircraft Spares, and Fields wants to bring as many as it can into its hangar.
Willis Lease is carving out a very important and strategic role for itself in the market, creating predictable demand for spare engines and raising the bar for competitors to enter the market.
Tenders are invited for Instrumentation Department:Various Instrumentation spares of Boiler Section, Juice Section, RTD Sensor with Thermo Well, Temperature Indicators, Gauges, Turbine Spares, T.
One initiative naval aviation logistics managers adopted was expanded use of readiness based sparing (RBS) as a method for reducing shipboard spares allowances.