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spare (one) (something)

To not force one to listen to or engage in something, especially that which is tedious, dull, or unpleasant. I can see that you understand what you did wrong, so I'll spare you a lecture about it. Spare us the lurid details, James.
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spare someone something

to exempt someone from having to listen to or experience something. I'll spare you the details and get to the point. Please, spare me the story and tell me what you want.
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For something as critical to passenger vehicle safety as spare tire pressures, public information is seriously lacking.
There are three major programming and financial initiatives within the Spares Campaign to address these five issues.
The Service had taken the position that rotable spare parts maintained by the manufacturer to service customer-owned equipment are properly treated as inventory, and that under Sec.
FIST is a database loaded by the LEMs for the NAVAIR APML, LEMs, and FMS customer to track spares, support equipment, and publications for the entire aircraft as well as at the system level.
The Navy -- developed Aviation Retail Requirements Oriented to Weapon Replaceable Assemblies (ARROWS) model is the RBS tool currently being used by the Navy to provide the best mix of spares which will support weapon syst em cost and/or readiness objectives.
The San Diego site received the gold award for providing nearly $500,000 worth of spare assemblies to support F-16 avionics testers and B-1 test equipment.
origin FMS articles for spare parts, or repair of a common configured item from one country to another without approval from the U.
Prime contractor and government buyers agree that buying selected spares (i.
Arizona Aircraft Spares, which focused only on the defense aircraft spare parts business, will combine their operations with a private company that sells commercial aircraft spare parts and will be spun off.
Tenders are invited forA) Supply of Material : 1) MS Pipe & Fitting 2) MS Plate, Angle Channel 3) MS Welding Electrodes 4) Cooling Tower Gear Box Spares 5) MS Fabricated Racks, slat 6) Fibrizer Hammer, Cane Chopper & Leveler knifes 7) ID Fan Impeller 8) Emery Cloth tape 9) Gauge Glass & Pressure Gauge 10) Trash & Scrapper Plate 11) DC Drive & PLC Control Panel%s spares 12) Pump & Pumps spares 13) Automations & Instrumentation spares 14) Vacuum Filter Spares 15) MS Fabricated Chain & Chain Spares 16) Welding Gas Eguipments & Argon Gas Cyl spares 17) C.
Management is planning a dividend spin-out of Arizona Aircraft Spares, Inc.
Tenders are invited for Supply of PART-A (MATERIAL): 1)Chain and Chain Spares 2)Trash & Scraper Plates 3)C.
Arizona Aircraft Spares focuses on manufacturing state-of-the-art military aircraft parts and ground support systems for the United States Government, specifically the Air Force, Army and Navy and large U.
Named F Spares LLC, the business is wholly-owned by F Spares Limited, the 50/50 joint venture set up by AFI KLM E&M and Avtrade in 2011.
Tenders are invited for Supply of following material for the season 2014-2015 M-001 Weigh Bridge Spares Avery India Make.